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Flight of the Conchords

April Fool's Day: 7 Best Musical Parody Acts of All Time

No joking -- these are the best parody acts of all time!

Flight of the Conchords Announce Summer Tour 2016 with New Music

When Flight of the Conchords announced they would be returning to the live stage for the Newport Folk Festival in July, buzz immediately started with fans wondering whether or not the "Business Time" duo would be filling out the summer with a full ...

Newport Folk Fest Lineup: Flight of the Conchords to Reunite for First Show in Three Years

It's "Business Time" for the Newport Folk Festival. On Wednesday (Feb. 17), the legendary Rhode Island music festival announced the latest addition to its lineup: a reunited Flight of the Conchords.

Jemaine Clement Says Flight of the Conchords Is Planning Tour for Late in 2015

Good news out of the Sundance Film Festival for all you Flight of the Conchords fans. The New Zealand duo -- Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie -- are planning to hit the road in the United States this year. Clement announced the news during a press ...

Flight of the Conchords HBO Reunion Rumors Put to Rest: Jemaine Clement Tweets He's Working on a New Show

Despite reports that HBO would be reviving its beloved comedy series Flight of the Conchords for four more episodes, one of the show's stars Jemaine Clement put that rumor to rest.

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