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The Samsung Studio At SXSW 2016

After Nelly, 7 Artists In Debt You Can Help By Streaming Their Music

Exclusives 18:06PM EDT

However while we are all in the giving mood, there are a few other musicians who are going through some tough times with the tax man or otherwise, so here are seven songs you all should stream so help them out.READ MORE

Vanilla Ice

National One-Hit Wonder Day is Here, Celebrate With Your Favorite Hits

Buzz 15:50PM EDT

You've had a long week at work and now it's time to relax and watch a movie or go out on the town and party. Either way, it's National One-Hit Wonder Day and no matter what your Friday plans are it's about time we honored these artists that once meant so much to pop culture and then dropped off the face of the earth.READ MORE

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake Perform "History of Rap 6" on 'Tonight Show' [WATCH]

Buzz 13:08PM EDT

Best friend duo Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon reunited on the 'Tonight Show' Wednesday night for the 6th and latest installment of their well-loved "History of Rap" performances. The two opened the show with R. Kelly's "Fiesta" before launching into celebrated hip-hop songs throughout the decades.READ MORE

Fetty Wap & Drake

HipHopWired Drops 'Official' Rapper Emojis: Drake, Eminem, Future and More

Buzz 11:55AM EDT

The NBA was recently rocked by several emoji-related news stories, including DeAndre Jordan's waffling between the Clippers and the Mavericks, and DeMarcus Cousins labeling coach George Karl a "snake in the grass" with the digital art. It's somewhat humorous to consider near seven-foot men tweeting like teenage girls, but we digress. HipHopWired took it in an entirely different direction when it decided to make an "unofficially official" listing of hip-hop emojis for most of the genre's biggest stars.READ MORE

Little Richard enjoys breakfast...and insurance.

Geico's Music Guest Stars: Salt-N-Pepa, Little Richard, Kenny Rogers and More

Buzz 15:36PM EDT

The latest commercial from Progressive Insurance features Carnie Wilson of the '90s pop standouts Wilson Phillips. One company has spent the last decade atop the wacky insurance commercial game is, of course, Geico. We went back and found all of their oddball entries that feature musical guests (the aforementioned Hammer went with Nationwide).READ MORE

MC Supreme

MC Supreme, West Coast Rap All-Stars Member, Killed in Car Crash

Buzz 10:02AM EDT

MC Supreme, a Los Angeles hip-hop performer best known for his 1990 single "Black In America," was killed in a car crash over the weekend. The emcee had pulled his car over to the side of the Pacific Coast Highway, where it was struck by a man driving a pickup truck. Supreme was pronounced dead at the scene and his female passenger was transported to a local hospital. The other driver was arrested on suspicion of a DUI.READ MORE

MC Hammer: 1990 couldn't touch him.

8 Victims of MC Hammer: Madonna, Vanilla Ice, AC/DC and More

Buzz 15:18PM EDT

MC Hammer took his first step to the top of the Billboard 200 on this date 25 years ago with Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em , the hip-hop album that would introduce the world to "U Can't Touch This" and help the rapper to maintain a place at the top of the charts for 21 weeks, interrupted only once. That's impressive but it makes us feel bad for all of the other performers who were denied a no. 1 album by that craze. Nothing tops a best-selling album for musicians but Hammer wasn't trying to give his spot up. Music Times checked out the eight albums that took the no. 2 spot during Don't Hurt 'Em's run, from Madonna to Vanilla Ice, and listed them from least weeks to most in second place.READ MORE

Mariah Carey

The Charts and The Gulf War: Mariah Carey, MC Hammer and Aerosmith

Buzz 16:05PM EDT

Memorial Day 2015 bears a special significance for two reasons: More importantly, it's the first time in 14 years that the holiday has been celebrated with no American troops involved in a "major ground war," and it's also the 25th anniversary of the first invasion of Iraq during the Gulf War. We at Music Times can do little but throw out our thanks to those who have served and those who currently serve in the United States military, but we wanted to check out what the Billboard charts looked like on both dates, August 2, 1991 and October 7, 2001, the dates when Americans last became embroiled in foreign combat.READ MORE

Major Lazer, Diplo and former member Switch.

Major Lazer and 5 Other Performers with Animated TV Shows: The Beatles, The Jackson 5 and More [WATCH]

Buzz 15:16PM EDT

Major Lazer will be getting an animated series on FOX soon. Check out five other performers that got animated with their own weekly cartoons.READ MORE

Alex Trebek

Emcee Alex Trebek: A Brief Celebration of 'Jeopardy!'s Musical Categories with Raps from Its Iconic Host

Genres 14:52PM EDT

Join Music Times for a brief celebration of 'Jeopardy!'s musical categories, particularly those that involve Alex Trebek rapping.READ MORE

Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury: Pairing Isn't Only One With Unreleased Recordings, How About Bob Dylan and The Beatles?

Genres 16:19PM EDT

The eyes of pop music fans grew wide when it was announced this week that nearly six hours of recordings featuring both Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury would be released soon. NME provided a list of other big-name compilations that haven't seen the light in an official release yet. Some are good ideas, some are bad ideas, and we, over-opinionated aggregation journalists, have decided to let you know which is which. READ MORE

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