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Guns N' Roses 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour Adds More Openers: Skrillex & Chris Stapleton

More openers, including Skrillex and Chris Stapleton, are slated to join Guns N’ Roses on their 'Not In This Lifetime Tour' at select stops. It may come as a surprise for some that an electronic producer would join the legendary rock group, but it ...

Don Cheadle Details Miles Davis Biopic Movie Troubles: Casting White Costar Saved Film

Writer, director and star of the upcoming biopic movie, Miles Ahead, based on legendary musician Miles Davis, Don Cheadle has revealed a number of details about his passion project. First off, it was very hard to make, but it almost didn't get any ...

'Born to be Blue' or 'Miles Ahead' [TRAILERS] Which Jazz Legend Biopic Movie Should You See?

When it comes to biopic movies, the film industry has to deal with a number of different projects based on the same subject, but in 2016, we have a more unique issue: two separate films about two jazz icons. Both Miles Davis and Chet Baker are widely ...

Don Cheadle Is a Badass as Miles Davis in Trailer for Jazz Great's Biopic [Watch]

Punching a Rolling Stone journalist played by Ewan McGregor, shooting guns in record label offices and playing the women like his trumpet, Don Cheadle is a bona fide badass as Miles Davis in the new biopic Miles Ahead.

4 Music Biopics to Look Out for ft. Tupac, Outkast, Kurt Cobain, and Susan Boyle Movies

Several big names all being lined up for their Hollywood close-up. Here are five biopics to look out for featuring the likes of Tupac Shakur, Outkast, Susan Boyle and Kurt Cobain.

Grateful Dead, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Miles Davis Among Grammy Hall of Fame Inductees 2016

The latest album and track entries to the Grammy Hall of Fame will span the unmistakable talents of the Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, jazz giants Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis as well as singers Roberta Flack and Blondie, as The Recording Academy ...

Amazon Giving Away Best-Selling Vinyl For Free Over Next Two Weeks

Hipsters and old people rejoice, your vinyl addiction may just got an extra injection from Amazon. The online commercial giant recently relaunched its vinyl store and to celebrate they are giving free vinyl for 13 days.

Sony Pictures Labels Miles Davis 'Iconic Singer' in Biopic Press Release

Don Cheadle's biopic of Miles Davis, 'Miles Ahead,' has been picked up by Sony Pictures, which immediately dropped the ball by misidentifying perhaps the greatest musician of the 20th Century.

Miles Davis Unreleased Performances Premiere in 'Newport 1955-1975' Box Set

Miles Davis fans have grown over the years to include everyone from seasoned jazzgoers to dabblers in the genre. During his stint at the Newport Jazz Festival, his performances there brought together an audience of all stripes and trades. Now, those ...

Ornette Coleman's Best Albums by Decade: 'Shape of Jazz To Come,' 'Free Jazz' and More

Ornette Coleman, one of the most innovative and influential figures in the history of jazz, died today of cardiac arrest and Music Times wants to revisit his catalogue across six decades and throw out the best of the bunch for those who haven't ...

Ornette Coleman, Saxophonist and Free Jazz Icon, Dead at Age 85

Ornette Coleman, one of the most influential figures in jazz history, has died at the age of 85 from cardiac arrest, according to The New York Times. The saxophonist would make jazz history at the end of the '50s and during the early '60s with his ...

Cameron Crowe's 23 Favorite Albums Revealed by Wikileaks: Beatles, Nirvana and Radiohead Included

The Sony hacks revealed many salacious e-mails and details about celebrities in the film and music world, however one bit of information is just as enticing without damaging anyone's reputation: an e-mail where director Cameron Crowe lists his 23 ...

Loren Mazzacane Connors on Tinnitus Music Series, Miles Davis' "He Loved Him Madly," Wife Suzanne Langille and Analog vs. Digital

The one, true guitar hero, Loren Connors is nothing if not prolific: 50-plus records as far flung as Drag City to Ecstatic Peace/Father Yod to Table of the Elements, as well as countless more via his own imprints (Daggett, St. Joan, Black Label, ...

Pi Day: Music Times Does Music by The Numbers, Featuring Metallica, Miles Davis, The Ministry of Sound and More

Happy Pi Day! We're taking the digits of Pi (or at least the first nine digits), 3.14159265, and coming up with a numerical album or song title for each. Check out numerical numbers from Metallica, Miles Davis, The Ministry of Sound and more.

Village Vanguard, New York's Most Cherished Jazz Club, Turns a Mighty 80 Years Old

In a nation full of monuments, of which President Barack Obama has been on a crusade to protect, there may be no city in the U.S. more historically rooted in Americana than New York City. But on a smaller scale, through a more narrow scope, it is the ...

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