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New Music Seminar 2015

Win 2 Badges for The 2015 New Music Seminar from Music Times!

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We at Music Times spend a fair amount of time at huge music showcases such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Governors Ball, but Music Times recognizes that it's just as important to keep an eye on the shape of the music industry, especially in an era where streaming, digital downloads and social media have changed how the business sustains itself, and how it will continue to do so in the future. We're all in this together! Therefore Music Times is pleased to offer TWO badges to this year's New Music Seminar, one of the most seminal events for exploring the future of music—from both an artistic and a business perspective—to our readers.READ MORE

Daniel Elk of Spotify

Smartphones, Streaming and Universality: The Future of The Music Industry

Exclusives 20:19PM EDT

If you believe the average report, streaming is hastening the slow death of the music industry. A number of experts think otherwise. Coupled with the spread of smartphone technology and the internationalization of music, streaming could create a bigger and broader pool of music consumers than ever before.READ MORE

Kiah Victoria

Kiah Victoria Looks To Go Worldwide With Her Soulful Pop Blend... But First, New Music Seminar in NYC

Exclusives 12:58PM EDT

You know the phrase "It's in your blood?" For some, that may seem like a hyperbolic excuse for a drive to do something great in the world, but for others, it's just the way it is... there's a constant need to perform, to spread your music and to try and be the biggest singer in the world. New Music Seminar Artist on the Verge Kiah Victoria is one such artist, and she's bound to be something huge.READ MORE


VanLadyLove: New Music Seminar's Artist On The Verge Takes Its Electro-Folk-Pop Sound From Utah To NYC

Exclusives 10:40AM EDT

Nine hours outside the industry hustle and bustle of Los Angeles lies an unlikely music hub: Provo, Utah. Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, The Used and Joshua James are among the bands who have called this place home. Now a new band has emerged from the town, excited make their mark: VanLadyLove, New Music Seminar's Artist On The Verge.READ MORE

New Music Seminar 2013 Panel

Must-Attend Panels At The 2014 New Music Seminar

Trending News 16:31PM EDT

The New Music Seminar kicks off next weekend (June 8-10) at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City. It consists of more than 160 music industry leaders participating in panel discussions about creating a more efficient and sustainable music business as a whole for the future.READ MORE

New Music Seminar

New Music Seminar Unleashes 'A Brand New Music Business' In 2014: 'The Future Isn't About Selling Records Anymore!'

Exclusives 15:56PM EDT

The 2014 New Music Seminar will be from June 8 - 10 and feature and extensive list of panel discussions on the future of the music industry as it morphs from the "records and albums" to "streams and attention."READ MORE

Music Times Meets: Tom Silverman

Tom Silverman: New Music Seminar Founder Proves to Music Times That Industry Won't Die Anytime Soon

Exclusives 10:43AM EDT

Read anything recently regarding the next big thing in the music industry? Tom Silverman heard about it before you. Heck, he may have written the article you read. The founder of Tommy Boy Records has always been one step ahead when it comes to trends (including hip-hop and electronic music) and that's why his other project, the New Music Seminar, has always been a must for the industry's biggest names.READ MORE

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