Is Your Favorite Artist Featured in Barack Obama's 2020 Summer Playlist?

Is Your Favorite Artist Featured in Barack Obama's 2020 Summer Playlist?

Exclusives 04:49AM EDT

Former President Barack Obama posted his official Summer Playlist for 2020. He showed a playlist filled with tracks from different artists, many of which will perform during this week's Democratic National Convention.READ MORE

Apple iPod Touch (32GB)

Top 3 Best Selling MP3 and MP4 Players To Get Your Hands On [Amazon]

Exclusives 06:00AM EDT

Separate devices for separate applications are advisable for people who can't afford to get disconnected, either at work or in their music. Here are three of the best selling MP3/MP4 players you have to get your hands on, only on Amazon.READ MORE

happy moms day

Mother's Day Playlist to Show Your Love for Your Mom

Exclusives 00:38AM EDT

Here are 10 songs that celebrate our mothers who love us unconditionally.READ MORE

work from home

Work from Home: Improve Productively With the Right Music

Off-Key 19:00PM EDT

Music is proven to improve performance while working. Now, the question is what song or music should be in the productivity playlist? Try these simple steps to keep your ante during work mode.READ MORE

Model wearing an outfit from Alexander McQueen's Darwin inspired Spring 2010 collection

Alexander McQueen's Runway Playlist Now on Spotify

Buzz 04:07AM EDT

#McQueenMusic is a go-to playlist in the period of quarantine.READ MORE

Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper Shares ‘25 & Alive’ Playlist To Celebrate 25th Birthday

Buzz 08:02AM EDT

Chance the Rapper commemorated his 25th birthday with a 31-track playlist that he shared via iTunes. The singer, who was born on April 16, 1993, also performed at Coachella with Cardi B.READ MORE

Ato Essandoh as Lester Grimes in HBO's VINYL

HBO's 'VINYL' Lester Grimes Inspired Playlist, Curated by Music Supervisor Randall Poster

Exclusives 14:45PM EDT

Check out this Lester Grimes inspired playlist curated by Vinyl music supervisor Randall PosterREAD MORE

Kanye West performs during Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 on February 11, 2016 in New York City.

Kanye West Sleeping Memes: Playlist of Lullabies for North & her 'Life of Pablo' Dad

Exclusives 19:30PM EDT

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian posted a candid photo of her husband, Kanye West, with daughter, North, sleeping, which resulted in a number of photoshoppers creating memes of the Life of Pablo rapper. While these images of the hip-hop and fashion icon are pretty hilarious, we thought we'd help Kanye out with his sweet dreams by creating a playlist of lullabies that could help him get more sleep in the future while he worries about his alleged debt, Taylor Swift complaints and whatever else he's saying on Twitter.READ MORE

President Obama Returns To The White House

Presidents' Day Playlist: 44 Songs for Every US Commander-in-Chief [LISTEN]

Exclusives 15:48PM EDT

Today is George Washington's birthday, which follows Abraham Lincoln's birthday by a few days, meaning today is Presidents' Day and you're probably home from school because of it. But instead of just celebrating this day off, we're taking a look and listen at how music has celebrated our Commanders in Chief over the years. Check out this new playlist of 44 songs that were written for and/or about each of our Presidents over the years!READ MORE

Pedestrians walk through Times Square on January 26, 2015 in New York City. New York, and much of the Northeast, is bracing for a major winter storm which is expected to bring blizzard conditions and 10 to 30 inches of snow to the area.

Blizzard of 2016 Playlist: 10 Songs to Help You Get Through the Snow Storm!

Buzz 16:20PM EDT

There are a number of concerns surrounding the eminent Blizzard of 2016 that is set to strike the northeast United States this weekend. Will it actually be a crazy snow storm? Will we lose power? Do you want to build a snowman with me? One thing's for sure: You're most likely planning on staying in! To help you deal with whatever amount of winter fury hits over the next few days, we've compiled 10 songs for a special playlist that you can listen to while looking at the snow pile up!READ MORE

Beyoncé at Rock in Rio

Houston News Radio Station Converts To All Beyoncé Format To Become B92 FM

Off-Key 16:18PM EDT

Beyoncé is obviously the reigning queen of pop music, but does she deserve her very own radio station? Well 92.1FM in Houston certainly seems to think so. After spending the last few years struggling to win over listeners with a news radio format they have decided to become B92 FM with the catch phrase, All Beyoncé, All The time. According to station execs 47 journalists were fired in the format change and it was a move dictated by poor Nielsen/Arbitron ratings.READ MORE


Angelica Catalano's 2013 Playlist: Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Preatures

Exclusives 14:34PM EDT

Music Times, like so many other music publications, was looking to publish a "Best of 2013" playlist. We met to discuss what such a playlist should include, and that's where we ran into trouble. We couldn't agree. Sometimes two of us just couldn't agree on whether the performer was amazing or terrible, and even when we agreed they were amazing, we couldn't agree on what track was most representative of their work. Hence it was decided that rather than try to agree (a seemingly impossible endeavor), everyone would get their own "favorites of 2013" playlist. We won't argue that these are neccesarily the best tracks of the last year, but they're definitely songs that caught our respective attention and caused us to hit 'repeat" over and over and over again.READ MORE

Thanksgiving Day Music Playlist: stuff your face while stuffing your ears with these eight Turkey Day songs [LISTEN]

Exclusives 21:46PM EDT

Thanksgiving is, unfortunately, the holiday that most often gets swept under the rug. Nuzzled in between the Hallmark behemoths that are Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving by and large got the pass when it comes to traditional holiday carols. Though there are plenty of songs that capture the spirit of being with family or stuffing your face with ridiculous amounts of food, songs purely for Turkey Day are few and far between.READ MORE

National Dessert Day Playlist: Indulge In These Tasty Tunes

Genres 15:27PM EDT

Today is National Dessert Day, and to honor the probably-not-very-official day, we have come up with the 10 best songs — in no particular order — to get your sweet tooth going. Feel free to indulge in these calorie-free delights. READ MORE

Keith Urban TOP 10 Songs on Playlist: A Look Into the Music 'Little Bit Of Everything' Songster Listens to

Genres 11:11AM EDT

Keith Urban's playlist exposed, "Little Bit of Everything" songster shows the world his taste in music. READ MORE

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