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10 Bands That Broke Up In 2014: Danity Kane, The Allman Brothers Band, Death Grips, And More

Unless you're the Rolling Stones, no band can last forever, and in 2014 we lost plenty of wonderful bands. Some split up due to internal differences, while others felt like they had done all they could do artistically. Here are 10 bands that broke up ...

9 Bands That Have Broken Up More Than Once: Simon & Garfunkel, The Velvet Underground, And More

Yesterday, Sept. 18, the very sad news broke that Ohio indie rock legends Guided By Voices had suddenly broken-up and canceled their upcoming tour dates. This is second time the group has split (the first split occurred back in 2004), which isn't all ...

Guided By Voices Disband, Cancel Tour

"Guided By Voices has come to an end," a statement on the band's site reads. "With 4 years of great shows and six killer albums, it was a hell of a comeback run."

Guided By Voices' "Bee Thousand": 20 Songs Ranked

Twenty years ago today (June 21), Ohio indie rock band Guided By Voices released its breakthrough album Bee Thousand, a majestic 37-minute collage of psychedelic power pop that set the stage for lo-fi music. Here are the album's 20 songs ranked, from ...

8 Songs Written About Other Musicians: Nirvana, Nick Cave, and more

A vast majority of musicians write about things that they either love or hate, whether it means certain places, politics, or even other musicians. Here are eight songs written about other musicians.

5 Musicians Who Pointlessly Went Solo

There are plenty of good reasons for an artist to release a solo album. Maybe their band broke up, or maybe they want to write some songs in a different style. However, sometimes musicians go ahead and release solo music that could have been easily ...

6 Pairs of Rival Artists That Would Make Great Music Together: Robert Smith & Morrissey, The Flaming Lips & Arcade Fire and more

When Blur’s Damon Albarn revealed that he and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher had been talking about possibly recording together, we here at Music Times didn’t quite believe it was true. The two are notorious rivals, so working with one another seems ...

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