Willow Smith Wants Black Girls to Embrace Rock Music in Latest 'Transparent Soul'

Willow Smith Wants Black Girls to Embrace Rock Music in Latest 'Transparent Soul'

Buzz 11:19AM EDT

In an interview, Willow talks about freeing herself from standards and embracing what she truly wants to become.READ MORE

John Mayer's Talks About 'Relationship Distress' in Newly Released Single 'Last Train Home'

John Mayer New Single 'Last Train Home' Talks About 'Relationship Distress'

Buzz 07:30AM EDT

John Mayer explains the emotions behind his new single "Last Train Home" in an exclusive interview.READ MORE

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - August 8, 2013

David Ellefson Released A Counter Statement After Megadeath Ousted Him Over Leaked Videos

Buzz 07:50AM EDT

David Ellefson broke his silence and issues a counter statement after Megadeth fired him.READ MORE

Metallica Shares COVID19 Struggles in Howard Stern Show

Metallica Shares COVID-19 Struggles in Howard Stern Show

Exclusives 20:03PM EDT

Metallica appeared on Howard Stern show last Wednesday, August 12, to talk about how they are dealing with the pandemic. The heavy metal band dropped by Stern's SiriusXM show to discuss the measures they have to face due to the coronavirus lockdown.READ MORE

yellow sub clock

Rock-themed Wall Clocks Unique Gift Ideas

Exclusives 19:13PM EDT

Here are four innovative wall clocks with music-themed designs from Amazon that will surely please anyone.READ MORE

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles' Movie "Yellow Submarine" to Come Out in YouTube on April 25

Buzz 08:18AM EDT

Sing-a-long with the legendary band, The Beatles, tomorrow, April 25.READ MORE

Amina Buddafly - Twitter

'Love & Hip Hop's' Peter Gunz Rumored to be Leaving His Wife Amina Buddafly for Tara Wallace

Off-Key 16:14PM EDT

Have you been watching the current season of "Love & Hip Hop" on VH1? If so, then you've gotten a front row seat to watch Peter Gunz Pankey flip flop between two of his baby mamas. He was with Tara Wallace for about 12 years and they have two small boys together. Not only did he cheat on her, but he married his side chick, Amina Buddafly, who just recently gave birth to their daughter. While Gunz is supposed to be with Buddafly he has jumped through hoops to spend time with Wallace and their boys. He has admitted that he still loves her and now we're hearing that he is ready to really commit again to Wallace.READ MORE

Guatemalan Singer Ricardo Arjona On Stage

Ricardo Arjona Releases Preview To "Lo Poco Que Tengo" Music Video, From Popular Album, 'Viaje"

Trending News 11:00AM EDT

Ricardo Arjona recently put out a preview for the music video of his single "Lo Poco Que Tengo" (the little that I have). The song appears on his newest album, Viaje, and the full video will be available August 5.READ MORE

Dick Wagner

Dick Wagner: Famed Reed, Cooper Guitarist Dead At 71

Trending News 22:37PM EDT

Famed guitarist Dick Wagner died of respiratory failure this morning in Scottsdale, Ariz. at 71 years old today.READ MORE

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