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88th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day

Steve Albini Talks Playing Santa Claus on Christmas with Jeff Tweedy, Fred Armisen

Buzz 09:56AM EDT

For the past two decades, Steve Albini and his wife Heather Whinna have spent every Christmas morning delivering gifts to families in need throughout Chicago. The legendary audio engineer known for producing too many groundbreaking records to count, who is also kind of a notorious curmudgeon, recently published a heartwarming essay on The Huffington Post entitled "Why I Haven't Had a Conventional Christmas in 20 Years," in which he explains why he and his wife started playing Santa Claus and why, often with the help of famous friends including Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Portlandia's Fred Armisen, they continue this charitable tradition that makes for an even better holiday story than even the folklore behind the old "Yes, Virginia" editorial.READ MORE

Steve Albini

Steve Albini's Anti-Dance Music Email Used as Promo for Oscar Powell's New Single 'Insomniac'

Buzz 15:18PM EDT

Oscar Powell, the head of Diagonal Records who also releases music under the moniker of Powell, is set to release a new single "Insomniac" featuring a vocal sample from record producer and musician Steve Albini, back when he fronted the band Big Black. When Powell reached out to ask permission for the sample, he also got a lot of Albini's opinions on his hate for dance music.READ MORE

Camden Yards in Baltimore...less attendance than usual.

5 Live Albums Recorded to No Audience: Pink Floyd, Bjork and More Feel for Baltimore Orioles

Buzz 15:31PM EDT

The unfortunate riots in Baltimore have led to a bizarre situation at Camden Yards in Baltimore, where the hometown Orioles have been playing the Chicago White Sox in an empty stadium due to the situation outside. It's clearly had an impact on some of the players...White Sox starter Jeff Samardzija was rocked for six runs in the first inning today, perhaps nervous because the whole world wasn't watching him. It made us baseball fans at Music Times if similar things have ever happened in the music world? Not quite, but we did find a number of "live" albums that were recorded with no actual audience in attendance. Check out a few examples, from Pink Floyd to Björk.READ MORE

Johnny Cash -

8 Studio Albums That Feature A Live Track: Neil Young, Johnny Cash, And More

Exclusives 13:59PM EDT

One of the primary objectives for a record producer is to make sure all of the songs on an album sound sonically consistent, but some artists choose to do away with this consistency by incorporating a live recording into the otherwise studio recorded album. Here are eight studio albums that feature a live track.READ MORE

The Flaming Lips

8 Artists Who Should Make Dance Albums: The Flaming Lips, Morrissey, And More

Exclusives 15:39PM EDT

When country legend Dolly Parton announced today that she's planning on releasing an LGBT-friendly dance album, it got me thinking about what other artists I'd love to hear dance albums from. Here are eight artists who should release dance albums, too.READ MORE

Dr. Dre: 'I have one million dollars for every one of these buttons.'

6 Musicians Who Became Famous Producers: Brian Eno, Dr. Dre, And More

Exclusives 18:52PM EDT

Plenty of musicians eventually try their hand at producing, since it's pretty hard to record music in a studio without learning a thing or two about production. However, these six artists proved to be such talented producers that they made a second career out of it. Here are six musicians who became famous record producers.READ MORE

Brian Wilson -

5 Artists Who Recorded the Same Album Twice: The Smiths, Brian Wilson, And More

Genres 16:36PM EDT

In a previous article, I wrote about artists who recorded new versions of their own songs. Far less common, however, are artists who choose to re-record entire albums. Here are five artists who recorded the same album twice.READ MORE

Big Black -

8 Great Punk Covers of Classic Songs: Minor Threat, Big Black, and more

Exclusives 12:37PM EDT

If an artist does a cover version of a song, but doesn't really change anything about it, then there's not really a point in doing it at all (listen to Seal's version of "Let's Stay Together" and tell me why it had to be made). However, these eight bands took songs by non-punk bands and put their own noisy punk spin of them.READ MORE

6 Great Bands with Unconventional Drumming: Pavement, the Velvet Underground, and more

Exclusives 17:52PM EDT

A drummer can either make or break a band. If they can't keep a beat, or if they play in a style that doesn't suit the songs, then the band as a whole will suffer. These six bands understood the importance of percussion, and dared to experiment with what unusual percussion could bring out in their music.READ MORE

Win Butler of The Arcade Fire

6 Pairs of Rival Artists That Would Make Great Music Together: Robert Smith & Morrissey, The Flaming Lips & Arcade Fire and more

Exclusives 16:57PM EDT

When Blur’s Damon Albarn revealed that he and Oasis’s Noel Gallagher had been talking about possibly recording together, we here at Music Times didn’t quite believe it was true. The two are notorious rivals, so working with one another seems like the last thing either one of them would want to do. This got me thinking about other artists who would never collaborate, but would probably make great work together if they did.READ MORE

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