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13 Albums That End With Their Title Track: Bruce Springsteen, Sinead O'Connor, And More

An album's title track is inevitably given more weight than the album's other songs, because it's natural to assume that the one song the entire album s named after must be something special. However, these artists chose to place even more weight on ...

10 Great Artists Known For Just One Album: Television, Nas, And More

Most artists have one album that's generally regarded as their best, but sometimes these albums are so incredible and obviously superior that the rest of the artist's discography becomes overshadowed. Here are ten great artists who are known for just ...

8 Band Names That Don't Fit The Music: The Zombies, Primal Scream, And More

Some bands have names that give you a perfect idea of what kind of music they play. I mean, what other kind of band could Slayer possibly be, or Black Flag? However, these eight bands chose names that don't quite represent the music they make.

6 Great Albums Named After Their Worst Song: The Smiths, Bob Dylan, And More

When an album is named after a particular track, there's an unspoken expectation that this track will be somehow exceptional, and one of the album's best. However, these six albums were named after songs that ended being their weakest.

5 Great Alt-Rock Bands Whose Line-Ups Never Changed: The Strokes, Radiohead, and more

If a band lasts longer than a few years, there's an excellent chance that someone's going to leave or get kicked out, and if it lasts long enough, this could become a frequent occurrence. However, these five bands somehow managed to maintain a ...

7 Great Indie Rock Albums with Creepy Artwork: Devendra Banhart, Ty Segall, and more

Heavy metal albums usually have some awesomely terrifying artwork (when they’re not busy being totally awful), but they’re not the only albums capable of creeping you out with their covers. Here are seven of the creepiest album covers from indie ...

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