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Music Companies Observe June 19 'End of Slavery' Holiday

Buzz 08:33AM EDT

Music companies announced June 19 'End of Slavery' holiday.READ MORE

Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group Offers IPO

Off-Key 08:21AM EDT

Warner Music Group, a music recording company is offering its shares of stocks through IPO.READ MORE


Vevo, Warner Music Announce Deal To Stream Videos On Platform

Buzz 12:53PM EDT

Warner finally joins Sony and UMG on Vevo.READ MORE

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Warner Promises To Share Equity From Proceeds Of Streaming Service Sales

Buzz 14:30PM EDT

While much of the blame for low payouts to artists from streaming has been laid at the feet of the services themselves, the opaque nature of how things are handles by major labels deserves a lot of the blame as well. Warner Music Group is looking to gain a little good will from their artists in a new announcement today, saying that the label would share some of the equity from a potential sale of a streaming service that it is invested in, like Spotify.READ MORE

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Warner Music Group Yearly Revenue Led By Digital Music, Ed Sheeran, Furious 7

Buzz 17:52PM EDT

The company saw even greater growth in the fourth quarter.READ MORE

Happy Birthday!

'Happy Birthday' Song May Enter Public Domain, Farewell 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'

Buzz 17:26PM EDT

If you're a big fan of bizarre restaurant birthday songs and "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," you may feel a wave of sadness soon. After years of having a high licensing feel, the classic "Happy Birthday to You" song may enter the public domain.READ MORE

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Soundcloud Could Be in Financial Trouble as Major Label Deals Loom

Buzz 11:06AM EDT

SoundCloud could be facing some dire financial consequences, including being "dangerously low on cash," according to reports from Digital Music News. although the company is valued at more than $700 million, two sources indicated to the publication that the digital music platform could be broke in four or five months if it doesn't secure additional funding.READ MORE

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Warner Music Group 2015 Q1 Earnings: Streaming Revenue Surpases Downloads

Buzz 14:29PM EDT

As industry observers see the growing dominance of streaming, many have waited for the moment when it would become more important than digital downloads. Warner Music Group announced its first quarter earnings ending on March 31st and the main takeaway from their report was that streaming has at last surpassed downloads the primary source of revenue for the smallest of the three major labels.READ MORE

Interns: Pay them!

Warner Music Group Settles with Previous Interns as Two More Major Companies Undergo New Lawsuits

Buzz 14:56PM EDT

Warner Music Group is but one of many music companies that has been brought under fire for the legality of its internship programs, and now it's become the largest of such to come to a settlement with the parties bringing suit.READ MORE

A concertgoer at the Midi Music Festival in China.

Warner Brothers Music Group Acquires Golden Typhoon, Partners with Tencent as Part of Ambitious China Moves

Buzz 11:21AM EDT

Warner Brothers Music is jumping ahead of the crowd with a series of recent actions in the world's most populous nation: It completed its acquisition of the Gold Typhoon Group, a huge Chinese entertainment company.READ MORE


SoundCloud Confirms Licensing Deal with Warner Music Group

Buzz 11:55AM EDT

After posting a $29 million loss in 2013, there was a real sense of urgency that something had to give at Swedish music streaming service SoundCloud to create a sustainable revenue stream that would not only pay artists and labels, but also get them out of the red. It appears it is on the road to do that after the announcement that it finally penned the back-and-forth deal with Warner Music Group. The deal marks the first of the three majors to sign with a licensing deal with SoundCloud, which has reportedly been close to signing with the three majors in the past. But after those deals fell through and the recent posting of its 2013 losses, things started to look grim for SoundCloud and its ability to monetize its massive user base.READ MORE

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