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The White House - Getty Images

Omar J. Gonzalez Had Over 800 Rounds Of Ammunition In His Car During His White House Security Breach

Sep 2014 20:19PM EDT

Last Friday night Omar J. Gonzalez managed to do something that many would have imagined impossible. He scaled a fence at The White House, climbed over it and sprinted across the lawn before actually making it inside of President Obama's private residence. Of course Gonzalez was caught quickly and arrested on a slew of charges. At the time of his arrest he was carrying a small knife but Gonzalez's car was apparently stocked for battle. He had over 800 rounds of ammunition, a machete and two hatchets in his vehicle.READ MORE

Teresa and Joe Giudice - Getty Images

Teresa Giudice of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Lists Hidden Third Home on Market Ahead of Doing Potential Jail Time for Financial Crimes

Sep 2014 17:18PM EDT

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Teresa Giudice must be shaking in her stilettos as she inches toward her Oct. 2 sentencing date. Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, pleaded guilty to several counts of financial fraud last March, and they have pushed back their sentencing date on three occasions.READ MORE

Sarah Palin - Getty Images

Sarah Palin Defends Bristol's Palin's Behavior At Drunken Party Which Lead To Family Brawl

Sep 2014 16:12PM EDT

Remember a few weeks ago when Sarah Palin's family grabbed headlines because of a fight that broke out during her husband, Todd Palin's birthday party? Attendees of the bash have claimed that police were called after a fight that included about 20 people broke out and that Todd, Bristol and Track Palin were all involved in the physical brawl after someone took a verbal shot at Willow Palin. The family has stayed super quiet about the incident until Sarah took to Facebook to support her family.READ MORE

James Spader - Getty Images

James Spader Dishes On Loving The Surprises In 'The Blacklist' Scripts And Filming With Mary-Louise Parker

Sep 2014 15:51PM EDT

The first season of The Blacklist left fans hanging with no less than a pile of unanswered questions and luckily the wait for season 2 is nearly over. When we last saw Ray Reddington, played to perfection by James Spader, he was still working with the FBI as a turncoat and his relationship to Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) was still murky. Perhaps the biggest ongoing question is whether or not Red is Liz's father and just when fans think that they have it figured out along comes a curve ball to mess it all up again. Spader recently talked about the difficulties of starting a brand new show and how everyone involved in season one kind of figured it out as they went along. Season two actually begins a few months after where we left the characters and the same threats exist.READ MORE

Colin Farrell - Getty Images

Colin Farrell Confirmed For Season 2 Of 'True Detective' But Will Elisabeth Moss Or Rachel McAdams Be Joining Him?

Sep 2014 12:00PM EDT

Fans of the first season of True Detective have been itching for any confirmation of new cast members for season two and finally there is actually news. A multitude of names have been circulating and Colin Farrell has confirmed that he will most definitely be a part of the second season. Farrell is one of those guys whose former party boy reputation sort of proceeds him but once he gets into a role his acting chops often shock people.READ MORE

Kate Middleton - Getty Images

Prince William Says That Kate Middleton Is Feeling 'So-so' At About 10 Weeks Pregnant

Sep 2014 10:22AM EDT

Last weekend was supposed to be a huge event for Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth had asked her to make a solo trip to Malta in her place. The ailing queen finally believes that Middleton is up to the task of appearing along at royal appearances and this would have been her first opportunity to do so. Unfortunately Middleton's severe morning sickness caused her to have to sit out the trip and her husband, Prince William went in her place. When asked how his wife was feeling William proclaimed her to be "so-so", meaning the duchess is still too sick to function normally.READ MORE

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana - Getty Images

Khloe Kardashian Dumped French Montana For Sending Dirty Texts To Her Best Friend Malika Haqq

Sep 2014 09:38AM EDT

Remember how we told you that Khloe Kardashian apparently dumped French Montana because he had become a total cling-on and the neediness wasn't sitting very well with the 30-year old reality star? Well it sounds like there may have been a tiny bit more to it than just that. Sources close to Khloe are claiming that on a hunch she cracked into French's phone and found out that he had sent a string of inappropriate texts to her long-time best friend, Malika Haqq.READ MORE

Jacqueline Laurita - Getty Images

Jacqueline Laurita Returns To 'The Real Housewives Of New Jersey' After Being Fired Earlier In The Season And She Is Ready To Deal With Teresa Giudice

Sep 2014 09:36AM EDT

Last night was absolutely huge for long time fans of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey because beloved cast member, Jacqueline Laurita returned to the fold. Bravo decided to ax the star before the currently airing season began filming in favor of adding her estranged sister-in-law, Dina Manzo, to the roster. After the ratings continued to sink each week the network got smart and decided to bring Laurita back even for just a few episodes. This move makes fans anywhere happy because quite frankly she is the only 'housewife' that is even remotely relatable.READ MORE

Minnesota Vikings Logo - Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings Co-Owner's Son Entered Pretrial Program After Assaulting His Wife Last Year

Sep 2014 17:25PM EDT

Is anyone really surprised to learn that domestic violence chargers exist even behind the scenes in the NFL? Probably not. Just last year the Minnesota Vikings had another issue to try and keep under wraps. The teams' co-owner is David Mandelbaum, a real-estate mogul by day who has a son named Michael Mandelbaum, an attorney. Apparently just last year Michael was in the midst of a rough divorce from his wife, Debra Mandelbaum, when things got heated and she fell down a flight of stairs. After regaining consciousness, Debra told paramedics that a physical scuffle led to her tumble.READ MORE

James Dashner - Getty Images

'Maze Runner' Sequel Will Hit Theaters in Sept. 2015 According To Fox

Sep 2014 17:20PM EDT

Adaptations of young adult books have generally meant box office gold over the last few years and this weekend is more of the same as Maze Runner easily killed its' competition to land in the top spot. Just how much did it rake in? $32.5 million and that is with matinee sales starting off pretty slowly. It was also just announced that FOX has already set a date for the sequel- fans can expect to see Maze Runner: Scorch Trials in theaters on Sept. 18, 2015.READ MORE

Starbucks - Getty Images

Starbucks Testing A Dark Barrel Latte That Tastes Just Like Beer

Sep 2014 15:15PM EDT

If you are one of those people that thinks it is never too early in the day for a beer then you're exactly the kind of customer that Starbucks is looking for with their newest drink. The coffee franchise is currently testing out a Dark Barrel Latte that is made with a flavored syrup that is similar to the taste of Guinness and other dark beers. They then balance out the taste a bit with a caramel sauce and whipped cream.READ MORE

Mariah Carey - Getty Images

Mariah Carey Quietly Leaning On Brett Ratner While Dealing With Split From Nick Cannon

Sep 2014 13:04PM EDT

It was only a matter of time before we started to hear Mariah Carey's name linked to another man. She and husband Nick Cannon have confirmed that they have been living apart for months now and from the sounds of things, divorce is inevitable. Cannon has reportedly been juggling a few younger women and now Carey is reportedly "leaning on" her good friend, Brett Ratner. She and the popular director go way back, as Ratner directed several of Carey's earlier video's including, "Heartbreaker".READ MORE

Hilary Duff - Getty Images

Hey Disney Channel: Hilary Duff Is Ready For 'Lizzie McGuire' Reunion

Sep 2014 11:00AM EDT

If you grew up in the 90's then you probably are really familiar with Hilary Duff's first real gig on Lizzie McGuire. She was kind of like the Punky Brewster for a new generation and fans have followed Hilary's career ever since the Disney show wrapped production over a decade ago. Hilary is actually one of the few stars coming from the house of mouse that has remained scandal-free. She's kind-of-sort-of married to Mike Comrie and most definitely mom to an adorable little boy. While Hilary has been focusing on releasing new music lately she also is open to a Lizzie McGuire reunion.READ MORE

Kendall Jenner - Getty Images

Kendall Jenner Follows Kim Kardashian's Lead To Fame By Posting Naked Photos Of Herself

Sep 2014 10:34AM EDT

Have you noticed that Kendall Jenner seems to be more than following Kim Kardashian's attention-grabbing lead? While the 18-year old takes very public steps to try and separate herself from the rest of the family, made famous by reality television, she certainly pays attention to what works for Kim. Kanye West's new wife recently grab headlines for a fully naked photo spread in the British edition of GQ Magazine and Kendall decided to release another nude selfie on Instagram. It almost makes sense that she is doing things similar to Kim but in a much m,ore low key kind of way.READ MORE

Shonda Rhimes - Getty Images

The New York Times Slams Shonda Rhimes As 'Angry Black Woman' And Hollywood Swings Back

Sep 2014 10:32AM EDT

Surely you all know who Shonda Rhimes is, right? If not she is the mastermind behind such hit shows as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. She is also producing a hotly anticipated little ditty this fall called How To Get Away With Murder which stars Viola Davis. In other words, in an incredibly difficult industry, Shonda has managed to claw her way to the top of the story telling pile. Not only is she talented and respected, but those working with Shonda have no problem singing her praises as a beloved friend as well. Apparently someone at The New York Times doesn't get the appeal and dared to call her "an angry black woman" this week.READ MORE

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