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Randy Marsh flips out over gluten on 'South Park'

'South Park' Recap: Ebola, Gluten and A Guest Appearance by Lorde(?)

Oct 2014 23:42PM EDT

South Park seemed to throw everything at us last week—aside from a litany of NFL-based controversies, even ISIS managed to swing by—so what else was there to hit next but the ebola outbreak ("oooooh," you say. "Too soon")? The only thing about this episode that even hints at ebola however is the title, "Gluten Free Ebola."READ MORE

New York Times Building - Getty Images

The New York Times is Eliminating 100 Newsroom Jobs, Killing NYT Opinion App Due to Low Subscribers

Oct 2014 22:11PM EDT

"The New York Times" announced on Tuesday (September 30) that it intends to cut out about 100 newsroom positions and a few more positions from its business and editorial staffs. The company will be offering buyouts initially but made it clear that if enough staffers don't leave voluntarily then there will be layoffs in the near future. Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the newspapers publisher, also said that NYT Opinion, an app devoted to opinionated content will also cease operations because there aren't enough subscribers.READ MORE

Kate Middleton - Getty Images

Pregnant Kate Middleton Cancels Royal Engagement with The Art Room Charity Due to Severe Morning Sickness

Oct 2014 13:24PM EDT

Just when it sounded like Kate Middleton was feeling better and had crawled out from beneath the sickness that has plagued the first several weeks of her second pregnancy, we are learning she has backslid a bit.READ MORE

Teresa and Joe Giudice - Getty Images

Teresa Giudice of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Faces Sentencing Tomorrow, Refuses to Move to Italy if Husband Joe Giudice Is Deported after Prison

Oct 2014 12:12PM EDT

Joe and Teresa Giudice's hours together are numbered, and they are likely feeling the pressure of that today.READ MORE

Ebola Testing- Getty Images

Liberian Community in Dallas-Fort Worth Fears It Unknowingly Came Into Contact with Confirmed US Ebola Patient While Contagious

Oct 2014 11:43AM EDT

It was only a matter of time before a patient in the U.S. was going to be diagnosed with the ebola virus.READ MORE

Derek Jeter - Getty Images

Derek Jeter, Legendary Entertainment to Launch Sports Website 'The Players' Tribune' to Connect Unfiltered Athletes, Fans

Oct 2014 09:42AM EDT

Well, of course Derek Jeter had a plan after deciding to retire from the kind of baseball career that will no doubt lead him into the Hall of Fame.READ MORE

Bethenny Frankel - Getty Images

Bethenny Frankel Returning To 'The Real Housewives Of New York' For Season 7

Oct 2014 09:29AM EDT

In 2010 Bethenny Frankel announced to her fans that her stint on The Real Housewives of New York had come to an end. After a few seasons of feuding with cast members she and then-fiance Jason Hoppy had landed a spin-off show and she also had plenty of other projects in the works. She saw no reason to return to RHONY back then but flash forward 4 years and Frankel's life is looking quite different. She has announced that when the 7th season premieres she will indeed be rejoining the cast to mix things up a bit.READ MORE

Robert Downey Jr. - Getty Images

Robert Downey Jr. Posts Touching Tribute to Beloved Mother Elsie Ann Downey

Sep 2014 16:26PM EDT

Robert Downey Jr. has spent the last decade successfully rebuilding his life after spending too many years living on the edge.READ MORE

Michael Phelps - Getty Images

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Busted for Second DUI In Baltimore

Sep 2014 15:50PM EDT

Michael Phelps, an 18-time Olympic gold medalist, was popped overnight for a DUI for the second time in Maryland.READ MORE

Julia Pierson - Getty Images

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson in Hot Seat Over Omar Gonzalez's White House Security Breach

Sep 2014 15:41PM EDT

On Tuesday, Julia Pierson, the U.S. Secret Service director, found herself in the hot seat before the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee.READ MORE

Flight Delays - Getty Images

O'Hare Airport Fire in Chicago Has Created the Biggest Air Traffic Snarl Since 9/11: FAA

Sep 2014 15:22PM EDT

It is amazing how one small fire at Chicago's O'Hare Airport has tangled flights for days.READ MORE

Arron Lewis - Sheriff's Office Handout

Arron Lewis Names Accomplice in Alleged Murder of Arkansas Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter

Sep 2014 12:55PM EDT

The search for Beverly Carter, an Arkansas real estate agent, came to a sad end Tuesday morning when law enforcement confirmed that her body had been found.READ MORE

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin - People Magazine

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Release First Wedding Photos in 'People' [PHOTO]

Sep 2014 10:30AM EDT

George Clooney and his new bride, Amal Alamuddin, made their wedding weekend in Italy something to remember for everyone in attendance.READ MORE

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers - Getty Images

Is the Only Thing Holding 'The Real Housewives of Orange County's' Vicki Gunvalson's Relationship with Brooks Ayers Together an Explosive Business Lawsuit that Has Been Filed Against Them?

Sep 2014 17:30PM EDT

'It sounds like fighting with fellow cast mates from The Real Housewives of Orange County is going to be the least of Vicki Gunvalson's problems. A few seasons into her stint on the show Gunvalson embarked on a brief business venture called Vicki's Vodka. Apparently things fell apart pretty quickly and she has been locked in a lawsuit over the deal-gone-bad. Her on/off boyfriend, Brooks Ayers is also involved and a judge recently ruled against the couple who had filed a protective order requesting that all personal documents not be exposed.READ MORE

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