Taylor Swift tops North American concert market during 2013, Rolling Stones most efficient

By Ryan Book, The Music Times | Jan 11, 2014 07:35 PM EST

Billboard released its highest-earning tours list nearly a month ago, but the North American numbers might be more relevant to Music Times' American readers. Taylor Swift took the top spot in her home continent, followed by the worldwide no. 1, Jon Bon Jovi. 

Swift brought in more than $112 million from North American shows, thanks in part to huge gigs such as her July sellout show at Super Bowl host MetLife Stadium. Bon Jovi earned more than $200 million worldwide, but only $107 million of that was on his native soil. According to Pollstar, the number of tickets sold went up by 9.2 percent, which is encouraging considering the average ticket price increased 1.1 percent.

Although the average price may have gone up a buck, Pollstar indicated that several performers who entered the Top 25 for the first time did so by selling their arena show tickets at more affordable prices. Country performers were at the core of this action, with Jason Aldean coming in at no. 11 with tickets averaging $48, and his buddy Luke Bryan hit no. 15 while selling the average ticket for less than $40. 

Still, as polite as Aldean and Bryan were for being inclusive, those at the top of the list know they can charge a healthy amount and still sell out a venue...making a huge profit in the process. Swift topped the list with the lowest average cost in the Top 5 ($84.40) but the other four upped that: Bon Jovi ($95), Beyoncé ($119) Jay Z and Justin Timberlake ($111), respectively. The Rolling Stones, who came in at no. 5, took the cake, with tickets averaging $228 across the band's 18 shows. 

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