Soulwax Share Deleted Scene From 'Belgica' Movie, Soundtrack

By Ryan Middleton | Apr 06, 2016 03:12 PM EDT

Belgian electronic music duo Soulwax, have unveiled a deleted scene from the movie Belgica that they built the score for. Soulwax took on a unique challenge, creating the identity of 16 different bands and writing songs for each one of them that were then performed during the film and included on the eclectic rock and electronic soundtrack.

The new track comes from Danyel Galaxy during a clip that was cut from the film. Galaxy is a producer and live electronic act of sorts who during the clip, hypnotizes a club audience by creating a track "Cybernetic Permutations in the Key of A" on the fly with various synths, sequencers and drum machines, which are all positioned around him on stage. The crowd sits rather stoically as they observe Galaxy create the track from nothing.

The song was originally placed on the soundtrack, but the clip never made it into the film. Now fans can view what they missed when going out to see the movie.

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"We recorded the original music being played in the club, wrote the music, rehearsed and recorded live on set the tracks played by the bands - ranging from a live kraut techno band, White Virgins, bequiffed psychobilly trio They Live through to hardcore outfit Burning Phlegm (featuring Sepultura's Igor Cavalera) whilst chanteuse Charlotte represents the other end of the spectrum with her neo soul pop," says the group in a statement about the soundtrack.

Soulwax put together the Belgica soundtrack over the course of 12 months, writing, engineering and mixing the record in their studio in Ghent. It was their first major music project in a decade.

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