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By Ryan Middleton | Oct 07, 2016 10:12 AM EDT

Lido has released his sophomore album Everything. The 11-track LP is the exploration of the emotional and physical evolution that occurs after a break-up.

As he explains to Billboard, "I think [the breakup] process can be very long, and I think a lot of people write music very early on in that process," Lido says. "The music, therefore, is a little tainted by that; the blame games and all the bullshit of the relationship. That's really not that interesting to me, but how we work as human beings emotionally, and how we evolve emotionally -- now that's weird as f---. That's what I want to write about."

Everything paints that process in broad, theatrical brush strokes. This can be seen in the long string sections that end "Murder" or the music video for "Crazy" where Lido is seen as a composer for a large rig of lights that sync up to the powerful drops of synths and drums.

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The album starts with the end of the relationship, "Catharsis," and then works its way through the emotional process of renewal. Much is left to the imagination with vague vocal shouts or loose story-telling. There is the threat of rebounding on "Dye" as he says "I would die if you dyed your hair," or the self-pity on "Falling Down," as he wails "I was trying to love, but we falling down" or anger found in the beginning of "Citi Bike."

The album starts out slow and climaxes in the middle with the aptly titled "Crazy." It eventually settles in towards the end with some unnamed vocalists, but primarily features him on tracks like the piano ballad "You Lost Your Keys" that capture the doubts of a breakup.

He eventually gains some confidence in his ability to move on in the second to last song "Angel" as he says "I'd love you angel, if my feel weren't on the ground." Then he starts to have second thoughts in "Tell Me How To Feel," which ends with presumably the ex-girlfriend offering a way back into the relationship. The cycle begins again.

Lido just wrapped the European leg of his Everything Tour and will resume gigs in North America in November. Find his full itinerary here.

Stream Everything below and pick up a copy on iTunes.

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