Kendrick Lamar Stirs Away From Swift-Perry Rift After Knowing Who 'Bad Blood' Song Meant For

By Emily Joy Custodio | Aug 13, 2017 07:06 PM EDT

It won "Video of the Year" and "Best Collaboration" at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and the music video even won "Best Music Video" at the 58th Grammy Awards. But the American rapper/songwriter did not know the song "Bad Blood" from his collaboration with Taylor Swift may have been meant for Katy Pery. The eighth track from the album "1989" which was remixed by Lamar himself is a song Swift made as she tells about Perry's betrayal.

Now as Kendrick Lamar was asked in a recent interview, Us Magazine reports how quickly he stirred away from the topic. Upon knowing the information that it was really meant for Perry, Lamar just laughed off the idea as he was caught unguarded and unknowing at that time of 2015. The remixed version written by Lamar was the fourth single released by Republic Records for "1989", while the album version was written by Swift, Max Martin, and Shellback.

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With his busy schedule this year due to the release of his fourth album "Damn", Lamar further emphasize that the issue about "Bad Blood" is "far beyond his concern", BBC reports. The success of his lead single "Humble" which topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart is a clear sign of other more important things to discuss. Furthermore, he was interviewed on his insights to politics and his comments about fellow artists Drake and Beyonce.

Lamar worked with Beyonce on her album "Lemonade" and has described the "Crazy in Love" hit maker as a perfectionist. While Lamar seemed to avoid the topic of a feud between Drake and Kung-Fu Kenny, saying that he has some handpicked favorites from Drake's songs. Lastly, a known supporter of the Democrat Party, Lamar chooses to help out his own community rather than contradicting the policies of the current administration.

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