April 26, 2018 / 11:02 PM

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Julian Casablancas Won't Tour With The Strokes or (Probably) The Voidz Anytime Soon



If you're a big fan of The Strokes of Julian Casablancas' new project with The Voidz, don't expect an expansive, worldwide tour anytime soon. In a new interview, the "Where No Eagles Fly" singer expressed his disdain for long live treks, saying they only tend to ruin relationships.

In a new GQ profile in anticipation of his first album as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, Casablancas explained how a 360 live tour following the release of The Strokes album Is This It? nearly destroyed the band.

"A band is a great way to destroy a friendship, and a tour's a great way to destroy a band," he said.

Though The Strokes rarely play live and release new music once every few years, it seems like there's still a future for the band. Casablancas believes that bands touring amongst animosity and then splitting is "lame."

"I think when bands break up, that's another form of lameness. It's like: 'Really? You need different private-jet sizes to get along?' I can understand that as much as it's my life and it might be a living hell for me," Casablancas said before back tracking a slight bit.

"I'm not saying it is. But when you think of bands that you really like and then they broke up, it's never a positive thing. It's never cool. I haven't felt that dramatic about it, I guess."

Casablancas' new album with The Voidz, Tyranny, will be released on Sept. 23.

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