Kate Bush ended her run of shows at the London Hammersmith Apollo on October 1 and it doesn't seem like she'll be doing any more shows anytime soon. Maybe. 

"We're all really sad as it's the last night. I'm going to miss everyone so much," she  said, addressing the audience near the end of the show according to BBC News. "This is our last night...for a while anyway."

How you interpret that quote all comes down to the half-full/half-empty question. Our gut reaction, as a pessimist, is that Bush means it will be a long time before she brings her act onstage again. Other fans, based on Twitter reactions, were more enthusiastic about the quote, gleeful that Bush even spoke about playing live again. Both sides of the argument are right: Bush last played live dates 35 years ago so it's reasonable to assume there might be a huge gap before she plays again but it's also reasonable to assume she won't wait another 35 years before playing another (unless she fancies being 91 and live in London). 

At least she knows that there's massive demand for her stage presence if she wants to come back. "Before The Dawn" involved 22 performances over a span of little more than a month and sold all 78,000 available tickets within 15 minutes of their release.

The last night of the gig was a who's-who affair: Bush's longtime friend and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was in attendance, as were singer Grace Jones, Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding and Graham Norton

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