April 27, 2018 / 12:56 AM

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WATCH: Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" Music Video Features Gorgeous Ballroom Dancing



Ed Sheeran is by no means a conventional pop star, with the tender English sould being far better known for his singing and tender, vulnerable songwriting than for his dancing prowess. But, now the tides may be a bit on the turn. Today (Oct. 7), Sheeran released the new music video for his latest x single "Thinking Out Loud," and he's taking to the dance floor in a stunning ballroom scene.

Unlike the music videos for previous x tracks "Sing" and "Don't," which painted expansive universes and colorful stories, "Thinking Out Loud" keeps the concept incredibly simple. Sheeran and an unnamed yet highly skilled female dancing partner zoom across a ballroom in a perfectly choreographed dance.

The setting itself is stunning enough, with an expansive space with high lighting and even higher ceilings giving the music video a sense of opulence, class and old school romance. Sheeran, dressed in black suit pants, a white dress shirt and matching black vest looks casual yet timelessly handsome as his partner dons a flowing white dance costume.

The two take things slow and simple on the dance floor as the spin each other, crash on the floor, embrace and run apart. The lyrics to the song are sometimes interpreted, with a little guitar play of a leg or a perfectly timed smile here or there, but it's all kept to the point, simple and sweet.

It's a fitting accompaniment for such a loving, romantic song and a stunning visual.

We knew Sheeran was talented, but this is some next level stuff.

Watch the new music video for Ed Sheeran's latest single "Thinking Out Loud" below:

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