June 25, 2018 / 1:50 PM

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50 Cent Loses $16 Million Lawsuit, Pushes Back Solo Album 'Street King Immortal' to Focus on G-Unit



When you are worth more than $100 million, you can afford to take a financial hit, but 50 Cent just absorbed a $16 million wallop from Sleek Audio. AllHipHop reports that the G-Unit star committed some pretty unethical snafus en route to getting saddled with a lawsuit loss that will surely hurt his pockets. When filing the suit earlier this year, Sleek not only claimed that Fitty not only stole its product design to launch his SMS Audio headphones, but that he also jacked their confidential client information. He is also delaying his next solo album to concentrate on G-Unit.

A judge agreed this week, and now Fitty owes twice the amount he made this year — $8 million — to make up for damages and lawyer fees.

In related news, Fitty has pushed back the release of his next solo album, Street King Immortal, to 2015, according to Rolling Stone.

But don't worry, fans — he is doing it to expedite the release process for G-Unit's next EP, The Beast Is G-Unit, due later this year. RS reports the group has already recorded 38 songs and will use six for the new release.

"I didn't want to lose the momentum connected with everyone being back together," 50 said.

Fif also discussed the history of the group, and explained what he would change if he could go back and do it over.

"I wouldn't have built something that required me as their center," he said. "I would've built it so it functions on its own. When you look at it, they've sold millions of records on their own. If they weren't so strongly associated [with G-Unit], they'd probably have crews under them. They didn't really have an interest in doing that because they [already] had a strong association and had so much fun in the position they were in at that point."

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