June 19, 2018 / 8:07 PM

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Jay Z Dissed In France Heading To Louvre With Beyonce, Blue Ivy: Jigga Embarrassed When Tourist Didn’t Know Who He Was? [VIDEO]



Given the fact that Jay Z is arguably the most famous man in the world you'd think everyone would know him –– if not for his music (which is crazy if you don't know his music), at least for his all-ruling wife, Beyonce, and daughter Blue Ivy. Well, apparently that message goes as far as France because during a recent visit to the Louvre in Paris one tourist asked, "Who is he?" And from the looks of it, Jigga was NOT having it...

Or, maybe he didn't care? It's hard to tell considering the length of the video. Our guess is he was probably told to put down the camera immediately after dissing the ever so royal Jay Z.

In the below video brought to us by none other than TMZ, it seems that Jay, the former Destiny's Child member and their lovely baby girl were out on a family vacation day in Paris and decided to stop by the Louvre – famous for housing some of the most renowned pieces of art around, including Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

While heading towards to famed museum, a tourist noticed an unidentified man (to him, at least), heading towards the gate with a gaggle of security guards. The muscle immediately told him "No video! There's no video!" Which either didn't sit too well with the tourist, or he was legitimately confused, because he asked, "Who is he?" And Jigga INSTANTLY responded, "Who are you!?" while holding Blue Ivy.

Check out the video below:

So, was Jay Z suffering from a case of broken ego?

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