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Jason Aldean Plays 'Fact or Fiction' With His Wikipedia Page, Clarifies Details Of His Career Beginnings, Childhood [WATCH]



Need to find out some basics on one of your favorite artist? Wikipedia has you covered. However, not everything on the online, crowd-sourced website is accurate. Jason Aldean took on his Wikipedia page in a new segment on Taste of Country. He straightens out some details and shared the truth behind his childhood and career beginnings. Here are some things he clarified.

On his parents divorce:

"They've always had a really good relationship and still get along really well to this day. Even though they got divorced when I was a kid they've always had a pretty good relationship, so that's made it pretty easy on me."

On going to high school at Windsor Academy:

"It was a little small school there in Macon. When you put the "Academy" after any school it makes it seem like you had to wear a tie to school everyday, which was not the case at all. But yeah I went to a little small school there, played baseball and graduated from Windsor."

On his learning guitar with his father in Florida:

"He would use the lines on notebook paper as the strings and draw little circles where my fingers went and the frets. That's where I learned the basics of guitar."

On his "man barn":

"I do have a farm called Black Jack Ridge, but the barn they are actually talking about that was on it was actually my old house. It's actually two kind of separate things. I have a big lodge and stuff that's actually in process right now of being renovated and tricked out. The farm part of it is correct but the barn being on the farm is incorrect."

On being "dropped" from Warner-Chappell and Capitol:

"Some of that's true some of it's not. What happened was I moved to Nashville in November of '98 and basically got offered a record deal a month later. We were supposed to get together after the holidays and talk about it, kind of put it all together. The label that offered me the deal actually merged with another label and started having to drop some acts and didn't really have room to sign me at that point. So it just kind of went away. I never actually got signed. I did sign a deal with Capitol Records a few years later and did get dropped from Capitol."

On being dropped from Capitol for postponing recording sessions repeatedly:

"I was signed to Capitol Records and kept trying to go in to record my album, and every time I would book studio time to go in and start, they would tell me to cancel it. Being a 23-year-old hot head, I went in and sort of just got a little upset with the label and ultimately ended up getting dropped. That ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me because who knows I might still be sitting over there with no album to my credit. So the fact I got out of it, ended up signing with the label I'm with now. It couldn't have worked out better."

Aldean's sixth studio album Old Boot, New Dirt was released on Oct. 7 via Broken Bow and features the hit single "Burnin' It Down."

Watch the full "Fact or Fiction" segment below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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