When you see Kylie Jenner it's pretty easy to forget that she's actually only 17 years old. She showed up for the launch of her Kylie Koture hair extension event the other night looking much older than we've ever seen her. While Jenner may have been rocking some blue extensions she still appears to be Kim Kardashian's most loyal family protégé. Jenner wore a midriff-baring tube top, pencil skirt and then there are those arched brows and the notorious pout that looks like it just had a bit of work done on it.

Jenner posted a few pics on Instagram of her standing with her oldest step-sisters and it's quite clear that she is taking style tips from them. But as a teenager, it all seems a bit much — even for someone connected to the Kardashian empire. It has been widely reported that Jenner has been jealous of her older sister, Kendall Jenner, because she basically left her in the dust in order to advance her modeling career. When they were younger, their momager Kris Jenner used to market them together but Kendall clearly became a bit more of a breakout star, leaving Kylie confused about what she should do next.

Aside from her new hair line with Bellami, Jenner has also been talking about embarking on a music career. The question is whether or not she has some real, raw talent or if it's simply the one genre that remains unconquered by a family member. While she is said to be taking some serious voice lessons it seems like Jenner will be cloning her sisters as far as her look goes.

Should she have left the tube top at home and perhaps not had her lips plumped at the age of 17? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!