It might be a really good thing that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is still away at rehab because he may need a bit of extra support. Taylor Lianne Chandler has come forward, claiming to be Phelps's most recent girlfriend. She recently detailed their alleged love affair to a popular tabloid, and now she has taken things a step further, divulging some personal information about herself. Chandler claims she actually was born a boy, a little fact she admits she has never actually told Phelps.

According to The Washington Post, Chandler, Phelps's self-proclaimed girlfriend, was born a male in name only and is actually intersex, which means she had male genitalia but no testicles while also having a uterus and no ovaries.

The Daily Mail said she took to her PR-heavy Facebook page to explain things to everyone, saying, "I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man. There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me."

Once Chandler was a teenager, she began taking testosterone blockers and legally changed her name, according to the Post. She also had corrective surgery in her early 20s to get rid of her male genitalia. So the real question is why Chandler waited until now to theoretically publicly embarrass Phelps while at the same time praising him.

She is clearly smitten with Phelps, but as his self-proclaimed girlfriend claims, some things that came to light once he went to rehab did not sit well with her, said the Mail. She also reportedly expects him to cut ties with her because, as the most decorated American Olympic swimmer, he is a brand. Chandler realizes she might be bad for his business, but the thought of him pulling the plug on things between them did not stop her from talking to the press.

What do you think is the real story here? Were Phelps and Chandler really ever together? If so, did he dump her and is all of this honesty on her behalf a revenge move? Comment below.

Note: This rumor about Chandler being Phelps's self-proclaimed girlfriend has gone viral online, but her Facebook page looks sketchy, so take the contents of this story with a grain of salt.