Mix one part synth-filled pop, one part thrashing alternative rock, a splash of sisterhood and a sprinkle of the occult, and you get The New Tarot. The New York-based, sister-led quintet has been making waves around the New York music scene and are gearing up to hit it big - with or without the help of big data.

Music Times recently sat down with The New Tarot's Karen Walker and Monika Walker, the sisters behind the project, for a podcast, discussing their rich family background in music, how to construct a perfect pop song, breaking into the music industry and, of course, tarot cards.

"I'm really into -- almost from a clinical perspective -- the occult. I don't really buy into it a lot of the time, but I know a lot about it. The New Tarot is basically the idea of taking a look at the archetypes people have falling into for centuries. Now, all of a sudden, it seems like we're moving into a time where it's different," Monika said. "The Fool and the High Priestess don't really cut it anymore. There's so many different layers that people exist on, especially with the Internet and technology and social media. That's a part that hasn't really been dealt with yet in these occult terms."

The band's name and those archetypes have influenced The New Tarot's sound -- an equal mix of Flaming Lips trippiness with The Kills-esque thrashing guitars. Rooted in singer-songwriter guitar anthems with a pop sensibility, you'll be hard pressed to find anything quite like this group.

Listen to the Music Times podcast with The New Tarot, where we touched on the band's roots and more. And stay tuned for an in-studio acoustic performance of "That Ain't Me" and check out the band's upcoming NYC tour dates.

12/09/14: Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's
12/19/14: New York, NY @ Fontana's
01/24/15: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
01/30/15: New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall

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