Diplo, normally pretty apprehensive about doing interviews, has been very open in the past few months, notably to promote Jack Ü, his new collaborative duo alongside Skrillex. While on a brief tour in India as a part of the VH1 Supersonic Arcade with Major Lazer (where the duo will also be filming a music video for their upcoming album), Diplo spoke to local media outlet in Mumbai Radio and Music on what Major Lazer has been up to, Indian dance music and the future of Jack Ü. Diplo revealed that Major Lazer has two albums slated for release in 2015.

He went on to give more details about what to expect from each of the albums. Originally thought to just be one album, he revealed that there will be two now, one releasing in February 2015 and the second in September of the same year. Both albums will have eight songs and the mixing and mastering was just completed for the first album, meaning it will be ready for their annual show in Jamaica next weekend (where they generally premiere a whole host of new Major Lazer music).

Diple does not hint at any additional collaborations on the albums, beyond the previously mentioned tracks with Ellie Goulding and Gwen Stefani, but more details will certainly begin to emerge soon. He previously spoke about the album in an interview before heading down under to Stereosonic and revealed that the album had been completed then. Now we know when to expect the albums coming in 2015.

The American DJ / producer / songwriter also spoke on a potential timeline for Jack Ü music, saying that fans should expect new music next year.

Diplo is just one weekend removed from his two-week stint in Australia for the Stereosonic tour, where he made a few media appearances with Skrillex along the way. The duo did a double night on Triple J, where they performed an eighty-minute DJ set as Jack Ü before Skrillex did back to back sessions with RL Grime and What So Not.

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