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Mariah Carey 'The Art of Letting Go' released: new old school single debuts on Facebook after scrapped album [LISTEN]



It's been quite some time since Mariah Carey released a new single -- her last effort "#Beautiful" dropped all the way back in May. After weeks of teasing, the pop diva has now debuted "The Art of Letting Go" on her official Facebook page today (Nov. 11) as a part of Facebook's First Play initiative.

The slow-burning ballad features Carey crooning about someone who once kept her in his trap before she discovered herself and broke free. "I'm making a statement of my own opinion / Just a brief little reminder to make myself remember / I no longer live in your dominion / No," she sings in the opening verse.

"This is such a personal record to me. I wrote the lyrics so that anyone and everyone could relate to them and hopefully release anything that they need to let go of that's holding them back or bringing them down," Carey wrote on her Facebook posting alongside the music, explaining the vague lyrics, which in this sense, do work.

Carey's vocals are high up in the mix, allowing her one-of-a-kind voice to penetrate the listener's ear. A small electronic drum keeps time as a piano riff plays alongside an orchestral string arrangement. As a whole, there are small influences of jazz in the instrumentation, as the piano shuffles along to the beat. It's classic R&B in every sense of the word, as Carey sings about her relatable problems to some old school, beautiful instrumentation.

Listen to "The Art of Letting Go" below, via YouTube.

"The Art of Letting Go" is the second Mariah Carey to debut in 2013. Presumably, the track is a cut from her delayed album of the same name. Originally due out in July, the record now has no planned release date.

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