Brooklyn-based artist Dave Doobinin is set to release his new album The Left Side on Jan. 13, but you can stream it here now exclusively at Music Times.

The effort explores the notion of "home" and "courage" and was inspired by immense loss. Writing the album helped him come to terms with the death of his father, which occurred years ago, and was also informed by his mother becoming gravely ill.

"The Left Side is about finding your own courage," Doobinin told Music Times. "For me, the definition has changed greatly over the years. Lately, it's just about having the courage to be the truest version of myself. Not let my own negative voice or someone else's dim the light. I love when I see it in other people; they radiate. I think we all owe it to ourselves to strive for that. I feel like I owe it to my daughter, too. I wanna try and set a strong example for her to follow. As in most of my records, my father shows up again in this one."

The "left side" is a phrase his father used to test his son's strength.

"The 'left side' was one of his sayings when he asked if I was tough. 'Do you have it on the left side? Do you have heart?' In the song '7 Lives,' I answered his question, 'You shooed away the bees till the hive was bare, I'm taking back the kid that I left there.'"

The record was produced by Jeff Lipstein, who besides being a producer was formerly the drummer in one of Doobinin's very first bands.

"Lipstein was brilliant at capturing the emotion of each song and translating them into sound," Doobinin told us. "His landscapes are gorgeous."

Despite being an emotionally raw album, The Left Side isn't all melancholy. The soothing, varied soundscapes mimic the highs and lows of reflecting on one's life. There are moments of hope, frustration, and nostalgia, but ultimately peace and acceptance.

Listen to the album for yourself below, and pre-order it now on iTunes. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

For more information, head over to his official website or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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