March 18, 2019 / 12:53 PM

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'Enter The Dangerous Mind' - A Film About an EDM Producer Gone Mad Releases Trailer [WATCH]



Some of you probably thought that it would require a madman to listen to the same samples, sounds and loops over and over again to try and create electronic music. Well now someone agrees with you. A new film, Enter The Dangerous Mind (EDM), has read your mind (pun intended) and has put together a pretty decent cast for a movie about a deranged EDM producer who goes mad and eventually starts to kill.

The producer is socially awkward, like a lot of EDM producers are, and has a budding romance with a social worker that tries to help him fight through his struggles with "the voice inside his head." The only thing that helps is to make music and his "Tyler Durden" continues to grow stronger throughout the movie, despite the guidance and help of his father and a therapist who prescribes him mountains of drugs.

The reclusive producer is eventually driven into madness and forced to go on a killing rampage because what else would you do? He first tries to take a piece of his own brain first.

This is probably just a case of Tinnitus gone horrible wrong with some hints of Fight Club and generic horror, slasher film mixed in.

The quintessential 2011 American brostep, which Skrillex made popular, that comes in at the end of the trailer is the cherry on top.

The film is directed by Youssef Delara and Victor Teran, who wrote the script. It stars Jake Hoffman as the psychotic musician, with Nikki Reed as his love interest, Thomas Dekker as the voice inside his head and Scott Bakula as the helpful father.

Check out the trailer below and the film is set to hit theaters on Feb. 6 via Consequence Of Sound.

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