Don't you love it when someone appears to be caught by surprise totally jamming to their favorite song? We all do, and the Dover, Delaware, police department decided to capitalize on spreading a bit of cheer by starting a new series of videos. While they are supposed to be legit, the department has already admitted that the viral video of Officer Jeff Davis singing along to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in his patrol car was intentionally done, it does not make it any less amusing.

At the start of the video the department intros Davis by saying, "We decided we would share some ["interesting" things] with you in a new Web series called 'DashCam Confessionals,'" and then the fun starts. The 19-year veteran of the Dover PD sings, bobs his head and totally jams out with Swifty in between interacting with various cars on the road. In just four days the video had more than 8 million views,  and in a time when cops are under the microscope and getting such a bad rap, it is kind of nice to see one just having fun, isn't it?

Even Swift herself has posted Davis's video, loving "the sass" he throws into the song.

Readers: What are your thoughts on videos like this? Does the fact that it was staged lessen the fun effect at all for you? How about the fact that a police department released it? Are officers actually wise to show the lighter side of themselves in ways like this? Do you think Davis will be taken any less seriously for filming this or does it provide a good balance to offset the seriousness of his job? What other songs or artists do you think should be parodied by the cops? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.