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‘If you Can Speak, You Can Sing.': Mentor Nicky Spence Explains Why Singing is Our Second Nature

Mentor Nicky Spence Explains Why 'Everyone Can be a Singer'

Exclusives 23:37PM EDT

Tenor Nicky Spence Believes it just takes the right confidence and training to bring out the singer in anyone!READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Loves the 'Sass' of Dover Police Officer Jeff Davis Singing 'Shake It Off' While on Patrol

Off-Key 13:00PM EDT

Don't you love it when someone appears to be caught by surprise totally jamming to their favorite song? We all do, and the Dover, Delaware, police department decided to capitalize on spreading a bit of cheer by starting a new series of videos. While they are supposed to be legit, the department has already admitted that the viral video of Officer Jeff Davis singing along to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in his patrol car was intentionally done, it does not make it any less amusing.READ MORE

Kylie Jenner - Twitter

Kylie Jenner Skips Her Sister Kendall's Birthday Celebration as Their Fighting Over Fame Intensifies

Off-Key 10:30AM EDT

It has to be tough being the youngest member of the Kardashian family. Kylie Jenner is in the unfortunate position of trying to figure out what to do with her life, with the expectation that she will forge a successful career in the spotlight. It is not that she has to be great at something — she just needs to remain a marketable commodity to keep her momager Kris Jenner happy. Unfortunately, Kylie's slightly older sister Kendall Jenner has forged a successful, high-fashion, modeling career and that puts even more pressure on Kylie to figure her life out — quickly. The once-inseparable sisters are now reportedly barely on speaking terms, with Kylie skipping Kendall's birthday lunch yesterday afternoon, Nov. 3. According to a report by Radar Online, Kylie feels like once her sister's modeling career took off, she completely abandoned her and all the joint plans that had been made between them. In the early days of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the two were marketed together, but now they basically waste time fighting over fame, trying to one-up each other.READ MORE

Rita Ora - Getty Images

Rita Ora to Replace Kylie Minogue on Britain's 'The Voice'

Trending News 11:27AM EDT

When Kylie Minogue quit the United Kingdom's version of "The Voice" last spring, there was much speculation about who would be chosen to step into the prized coaching position.READ MORE

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