June 20, 2018 / 6:56 AM

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Grammys 2015: Katy Perry Makes a Stand Against Domestic Abuse with Help from Brooke Axtell and Barack Obama


Katy Perry had a lot to live up to this week...considering she just performed one of the best reviewed Super Bowl Halftime Shows in recent memory. And she didn't need a shark, left or right, to help her. She did have a cause to represent however.

One way to help her make an entrance: Get introduced by President Barack Obama. He addressed those in attendance at The Grammys, which transitioned to an actual victim of domestic violence, who addressed the audience live. The guest, Brooke Axtell, a noted activist against domestic abuse, kind of stole all Perry's thunder, but she took the stage after the emotional delivery to perform "By The Grace of God."

The stage was rather bare, not featuring any of the choirs or dancing troupes that other acts had used (as that would have been wildly inappropriate). Instead, the huge shadow on the wall behind Perry moved, sometime wildly, as the pop star stood still. Perhaps it represented all the women trapped in place, yearning to get out of unhealthy relationships. We can only conjecture.

The performance will certainly prove controversial. Perry has discussed the song in the past regarding how she sometimes felt suicidal in the wake of her divorce from actor Russell Brand. He may see some ugly backlash due to the context in which it was used at the event.

Kind of ironic that one Sunday she's performing for an organization with a terrible domestic abuse record, and the next week performing very actively against it.

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