Music Machinery, a blog utilizing data from The Echo Nest, recently crafted a simple map detailing what performers dominate different regions of the United States based on streaming data. Jay Z and Macklemore and Drake each hold sway over three large chunks of the United States (from HipHopDX). 

When it comes to the largest chunk of the nation, Jay Z is the clear winner. Almost the entire Eastern half of the nation belongs to the emcee, stretching as far West as Missouri and holding all of the Midwest. Interestingly however, Connecticut is as far East as Hov gets from his homeland of New York. The rest of the Northeast are held by Drake, Macklemore, Daft Punk, and alt-J (the band's only state is New Hampshire). Eminem holds West Virginia, the only other Eastern state not in Jay Z's control. 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis possess a decent chunk of the Northwest and Central United States, starting in their homeland of Washington and leaking down to Utah and all the way across to Iowa. Daft Punk takes the more hip Oregon and California as well. 

Drake has a solid collection of states of his own, although it may not be where you'd expect. One might think that northern states would take to the Toronto emcee, but his territory starts at New Orleans and Arkansas at its most Eastern spot, the home for his label Young Money Records. From there it heads West through Texas and the border states before ending up in Nevada. 

Eminem adds the isolated North Dakota and Alaska to his three-state holdings, and only three performers hold only one state: Lorde was the most popular performer in Colorado, Imagine Dragons holds down South Dakota, and as mentioned before, alt-J was most popular in New Hampshire. 

Understand of course that as these numbers are based almost entirely on Spotify and streaming service numbers, one major performer probably would have gotten a few states if her catalogues were available for listening: Taylor Swift