June 19, 2018 / 12:11 PM

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Suge Knight Wheelchair-Bound in Ongoing Murder and Robbery Cases; Attorney References 'Silence of The Lambs'


Suge Knight's ongoing murder trial for the hit-and-run of Terry Carter in Compton was destined to be a media spectacle and new details continue to keep our attention. The headlines on Wednesday reported that Knight was brought to the courtroom, handcuffed to a wheelchair. The former Death Row Records head wasn't happy about it however (from Billboard).

Knight told the judge that he was able to walk and didn't feel he should be confined to the wheelchair, labeling it humiliation (according to TMZ). Matt Fletcher, an attorney for Knight, claimed that the authorities were attempting to paint Knight as a Hannibal Lecter-type character, referencing the frightening image of Anthony Hopkins chained into a chair from The Silence of The Lambs film.

The judge informed Knight that he could enter the courthouse on his own volition if felt he was able. The police can be forgiven for taking precautions with the hip-hop entrepreneur: He's been removed from the facilities by medical personnel four times since the proceedings began during February, including an incident where he passed out upon hearing his bail set at $25 million. No indication has come forward suggesting what's causing his health woes, although Knight cited an incident where he was shot six times during 2014.

Although the wheelchair may have gotten all of the attention, the real news is trying to figure out Knight's legal team. Although the aforementioned Fletcher is indeed Knight's attorney, he was represented by David Kenner up until this point for the murder charges. Kenner filed to leave the case recently however. Knight has until May 27 to find new representation.

The Wednesday court appearance actually had nothing to do with murder charges. It was for robbery charges stemming from when Knight and comedian Katt Williams were accused of taking a camera from a paparazzo last year.

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