July 15, 2018 / 6:48 PM

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Drake Search Engine Ties Young Money Rapper to All Results, from "Lil Wayne" to "Bag Jacking"


Everyone knows that the world is mere steps away from a Kevin Bacon connection but new evidence has suggested that everything is a lot closer to Drake than you might think. Lmdraketfy.com is a new search engine that serves to take anything you enter into its search bar and...connect it to the Young Money emcee (from SPIN).

Follow this link and you'll find yourself at a Google mockup with the line "let me Drake that for you," with the text "Drake" imitating Google's multicolored logo while the rest of the text uses the same typeface as that from the cover of the rapper's most recent album, If You're Reading This It's Too Late. The search bar offers suggestions as to things you could search-in case you struggle to come up with nouns on your own-ranging from "DMX" to "bag jacking" and "dolphins." Enter your search term and hit either the "Drake Search" or "I'm Feeling Drizzy" buttons.

You'll note that as soon as you click in the search bar you'll be greeted by a sound effect of the titular rapper letting loose a relieved "ah," or perhaps a "yeah." We opted to search "Pusha T," notoriously not a big fan of Drake or his Cash Money buddy Lil Wayne. The results explain the technique: "Drake x Pusha T" is displayed at the top, showing the search formula used, and a Rebel Mouse-esque selection of photos and headlines connected to the search terms comes up below. That one was pretty easy. Let's try something more...random.

We decided to search for Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, and the results were, unsurprisingly, slim. There was one photo of one of the painter's prints at a blog titled "Ludwig Von Drake" (which did in fact have many Drake-related posts) but a message at the bottom of the search page told us it "looks like Drake ain't care much for that. Keep your head up, though."

Note, if you hit the "I'm Feeling Drizzy" button, your search will be ignored totally and you'll be treated to badly animated combinations of Drake video clips, accompanied by cash, flames and Toronto Raptors logos.

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