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'The Voice' Season 8 Recap & Review: Top 6 Revealed as India Carney & Corey Kent White Battle for Twitter Save



TWO VOTES. That's what the The Voice Twitter save came down to tonight between Corey Kent White and India Carney. Wow. You can't write cliffhangers like that. The joys of reality television.

The elimination episodes of The Voice can be a little dull. After major slaughters earlier in the year, this was just sort of a means to an end. How did it play out for sure? Ch-ch-check it out.

Team Adam:

Team Adam has been in huge trouble over the last few weeks, but for once, it was all safe and sound. Last week, Joshua Davis had to sing for the save, but on Monday night (April 27), he went back to his roots with a folk-filled rendition of Sting's "Fields of Gold." The performance was damn near perfect and definitely redeeming, and Joshua was rewarded in kind.

Team Pharrell:

Sawyer Fredericks is clearly one of the big breakout stars of this season; his single from last week "Imagine" actually hit the Billboard Hot 100 (alongside Kimberly Nichole's "House of the Rising Sun"). So, it's only fitting that this totally ~other~ singer would get a nice good pass this week after giving just the most Sawyer-y performance of "Simple Man" ever.

Koryn Hawthorne was also deemed safe this week after giving a bountiful performance of "Girl on Fire" last night. Koryn continues to break out week after week and soon she could be at the front of the pack.

Team Blake:

Sometimes, it feels like The Voice is going to be down to Sawyer, Kimberly Nichole and Meghan Linsey. So, Meghan was the first safe performer from Blake's batch (and the only one). She's a force to be reckoned with, so if Blake only has to have one performer left, she's a good one to go with.

For her plea to stay on The Voice, Hannah Kirby finally brought her music into the 21st century by taking on Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive." Her high notes in the chorus felt a little biting and sour, but Hannah did manage to get nice and smooth on her low notes. It was fine enough, but Hannah was always a little too weird for this show.

Against India, there was Corey Kent White the "country" performer on The Voice. After weeks of being wholly underwhelming, he finally landed in the bottom three. Corey whipped out his country twang for what it's worth for a cover of Keith Urban's "Somebody Like You." It was actually perfectly fine; it was the most genuine country I've ever felt coming from Corey. And, really, The Voice viewers love country music. So, despite the superior raw potential of India, this came down to TWO VOTES. TWOOO. That's bizarre.

Team Christina:

From the start, it seemed like a bit of a rough go for Team Christina's remaining two divas, Kimberly Nichole and India Carney. Kimberly, long seen as a frontrunner for the show, was left high and dry for what felt like too long of a time. Sure, her performance on Monday night left a little to be desired from the standpoint of vocals, but she went all out for the performance - and there's always room for an entertainer.

India Carney didn't fare as well this week. Though she's one of the strongest actual singers on The Voice, she oftentimes forgets to connect with her lyrics and emotions, and after a wooden take on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (which is also a snooze-fest choice), she landed in the bottom three alongside Team Blake's Corey Kent White and Hannah Kirby. India returned to her roots, going for a strong, steady performance of "Human." She delivered. I mean, yeah, the emotion was still a little lacking but the notes were performed with just enough decorum to make it engaging.

India was up against a lot - namely, the juggernaut that is the country music fanbase of The Voice and Corey. And, in what was named the "closest vote" in The Voice history, she made it into the top six, and rightfully so.

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