Some might argue that the range of musical styles present at Rock on The Range will never live up to the diversity of a Lollapalooza or Coachella. That may be true, but when you have bands ranging from In This Moment to Godsmack to Tech N9ne appearing in the same vicinity, you'll certainly get the most diverse looking bunch of people at one festival. Let Music Times sums up its weekend at America's largest rock festival with this collection of photos, no reading required. 

Anthrax will always be infectious (rim shot)(Photo: Ryan Book)

Apocalyptica: The gentleman's Iron Maiden. (Photo: Ryan Book) 

Slipknot wears masks. Art of Dying's Tavis Stanley just uses his hair. 

Putting the "Benjamin" in Breaking Benjamin. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada proves hardcore faces are the best faces. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Greg Puciato of the Dillinger Escape Plan, probably somewhere that he's not supposed to be. (Photo: Ryan Book)

The tip of Jacky Vincent's (Falling In Reverse) guitar has the same properties as E.T.'s finger. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Godsmack's Sully Erna playing a-liiiiiiiive, for you. (Photo: Ryan Book) 

Slash apparently taught Lizzy Hale (of Halestorm) how to play a Les Paul upright this weekend. (Photo: Dan Fischer)

Uh, right back at you, Hollywood Undead. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Maria Brinkman of In This Moment, and everything our mother warned us about. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Islander guitarist J.R. Bareis in a photo that doesn't do justice to the dinosaur tail he's wearing. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Chester Bennington and Linkin Park close out the big weekend in rock. (Photo: Dan Fischer) 

Plenty of black nail polish at Rock on The Range. Live frontman Chris Shinn rocked silver however. (Photo: Ryan Book)

That moment when you're too close to Marilyn Manson. (Photo: Ryan Book) 

Speaking of uncomfortable stage presences, Al Jourgensen (right) of Ministry sets a high bar for facial piercings. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Marilyn Manson + Ministry = Motionless in White? (Photo: Ryan Book) 

There was plenty of spittle coming from vocalists this weekend...but Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlisle was dealing with actual rain (Photo: Ryan Book)

Otherwise vocalist Adrian Patrick overlooks his followers. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Tim McIlrath of Rise Against is a man of the people...literally. (Photo: Dan Fischer) 

Microphone, keyboard, tambourine...does Rival Sons' Todd Ögren-Brooks think he's Geddy Lee or something? (Photo: Ryan Book)

Sabaton during a moment of triumph. Of course, all power metal moments are triumphant. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Adam Gontier gets a hand fronting his new band Saint Asonia. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Casey Newsom of Screaming For Silence, hairstyles to match. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Slash didn't approve us for his photo pit. But we tried our hardest. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Starset's outfits were cool...and probably boiling at the same time. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Tech N9ne is more than just a number. Unless that number is one. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Mark Tremonti had the most enjoyable range of faces at the festival. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Unlocking The Truth got started an early age and in the earliest slot Sunday morning. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Japan proved it could rock this weekend thanks to Vamps (vocalist Hyde pictured) and Babymetal (Photo: Ryan Book)

We often give Volbeat a hard time but it (and frontman Michael Poulsen) deserve kudos for being the only band to pay tribute to B.B. King this weekend. (Photo: Ryan Book)

We Are Harlot performs at Rock on The Range for the second consecutive year. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Yelawolf shows us what he's made of/inked with. (Photo: Ryan Book)