July 19, 2018 / 12:00 AM

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Enrique Iglesias Injures Fingers by Grabbing Drone at Mexican Show



The say things are dangerous down in Mexico right now, but Enrique Iglesias has no one to blame for himself for an injury that occurred at his show in Tijuana over the weekend. The performer reached out to grab a drone out of the air, not carefully enough apparently, and ended up with a nasty finger injury. He seems to be alright however, performing for another half-hour before seeking medical attention.

It wasn't an illegal drone at all (one operated by fans, perhaps from outside the venue, to steal a glimpse of the show up close), and according to reports Iglesias has been performing similar moves across this tour. The drones are operated by tour staff, providing video feed to the big screens above the stage. His action of grabbing one out of the air is so he can provide fans with a close up of his face while performing.

This time...things went wrong.

You have to realize, of course, that the rotors on those things are spinning at absurd speeds to keep the device in the air. Get a finger tangled up in them and bad things are gonna happen. Granted, Iglesias didn't exactly half a Tony Iommi moment, but he was bleeding profusely. According to reports from Billboard, the pop star was advised to stop the show, however he returned to perform "Bailando" and then kept going for another half-hour. Iglesias even made a somewhat metal moment out of it...fan photos show the performer smearing blood all over his white T-shirt. He attempted to draw a heart...but we can't say that worked out as sweetly as he intended.

The good news is that Iglesias has some time to get himself taken care of. His next concert isn't scheduled until July 3 in Mexico City, and he's apparently seeing a specialist in Los Angeles at the moment.

His fans in Mexico City can bet that he won't grab a drone at that show.

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