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Harry Styles Dating Fan Alexis Allen? 2013 Twitter RUMORS [PHOTOS]: Taylor Swift's One Direction Ex Already Over Kara Rose Marshall? Rep Says 'No'



Well here's a new rumor involving a scantily clad One Direction fan holding up a sing reading "We're Legal" in hopes of getting Harry Styles' attention. According to some Twitter posts that turned into straight gossip, Harry started following this mysterious and legal girl on Twitter and Instagram, and then started dating her. Unfortunately for this fan, who has been identified as Alexis Allen, a rep for Harry has denied these claims. Kara Rose Marshall is still the number one rumored squeeze for Harry, it seems.

First of all, wearing bikinis and holding up a sign that says "We're Legal" is a pretty great way to get some sort of attention, whether it be from the object of your affection or just the media in general. But it looks like this Alexis Allen character has captured both!

Harry decided to start following Alexis on Twitter AND Instagram, which One Direction fans were not excited about. In fact, they reacted in the usual way of sending death threats and other abuse through social networks, but also started a strange rumor about the bikini-clad fan. One fan tweeted that Harry had started dating Alexis Allen!

This rumor-starting tweet read: "Harry Styles is secretly dating Alexis Allen - he's flying her out to Houston."

As you can imagine, the Internet pretty much exploded with angry One Direction fans. Luckily for them, a rep for Harry and the rest of the pop group has announced that these dating rumors are not true.

Here are some Twitter reactions to this rumor:

If Harry Styles is really dating that girl Alexis Allen I'm going to have a heart attack, but she's beautiful so whatever

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