Billboard came up with a fun project for the July 4th holiday, assigning a music performer that best represents each of the 50 states. According to the site, final decisions were largely based on sales results from its charts, but a performer's deception to their home state via its lyrics also made a difference. Check out what performer made it for your state and let us know if Billboard chose well.

Alabama: Alabama (Duh)

Alaska: Jewel (Huh. Wasn't aware.)

Arizona: Fleetwood Mac (Yeah, the band is British but Stevie Nicks is from Phoenix.)

Arkansas: Johnny Cash

California: The Beach Boys (a good choice, but plenty of other arguable candidates.)

Colorado: John Denver

Connecticut: John Mayer

Delaware: George Thorogood

Florida: Gloria Estefan

Georgia: Ray Charles

Hawaii: Bruno Mars

Idaho: Paul Revere and The Raiders (another act we weren't aware had an unusual home state)

Illinois: Chicago (Duh...and somewhat disappointing)

Indiana: Michael Jackson

Iowa: The Everly Brothers (Slipknot got ripped off, no?)

Kansas: Kansas (Duh)

Kentucky: Loretta Lynn

Louisiana: Louis Armstrong (good choice from rich musical state)

Maine: Stephen Hague (Surprising that Maine turned out most obscure act/name on list)

Maryland: Toni Braxton

Massachusetts: Aerosmith (using previous logic, Boston was the obvious answer)

Michigan: Madonna (unfair considering star's distaste for hometown. Eminem, Marvin Gaye?)

Minnesota: Prince

Mississippi: Elvis Presley (no, Rae Sremmurd isn't the biggest act from Tupelo. Yet.)

Missouri: Eminem (Odd. Rapper didn't move to Detroit until he was 12, true...but no one is more pro-Detroit than the emcee)

Montana: Pearl Jam (Ha...desperation. Bassist Jeff Ament was born in Montana, which is all it takes to be the biggest act in the state, apparently.)

Nebraska: The Eagles (again, only one member hails from the state. Randy Meisner...the member no one talks about)

Nevada: The Killers

New Hampshire: Ray Lamontagne

New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen (epic kaiju battle between he and Bon Jovi, we're sure.)

New Mexico: The Shins

New York: Billy Joel (another tough decision...but probably a good choice)

North Carolina: Jermaine Dupri

North Dakota: Lawrence Welk

Ohio: The Pretenders (as Ohio natives, we accept this decision.)

Oklahoma: Garth Brooks

Oregon: Esperanza Spalding

Pennsylvania: Taylor Swift

Rhode Island: Jeffrey Osborne

South Carolina: James Brown

South Dakota: L. Frank Baum (Say what? The dude wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Did he write The Wiz? Did he write Wicked? No. He wrote a book. Come on guys...amateur decision here.)

Tennessee: Dolly Parton

Texas: George Strait

Utah: The Osmonds

Vermont: Phish

Virginia: Bruce Hornsby (Pharrell Williams would have been our pick)

Washington: Nirvana

West Virginia: Brad Paisley

Wisconsin: Les Paul

Wyoming: Chris LeDoux

Here's a bonus track for the most American band of all time...which is, of course, America.