Hip-hop fans have been on edge all week anticipating the war of words between "Wanna Know" rapper Meek Mill and the self-proclaimed "6 god" Drake. Fans got just that when they woke up to Drake's second lyrical assault "Back to Back", in the we hours of Wednesday(July 29). Just as people were all beginning to scratch their heads in askance wondering why Mill had yet to respond, the rapper finally debuted his response track late Thursday evening (July 30) via Hot 97's DJ Funk Flex Show. Naturally social media kicked into overdrive, as fans shared mixed responses to the track as well as dozens of hilarious memes erected in Mill's honor.

If fans had to decipher who was winning the war by simply tuning into the conversations happening around the Twitterverse, one could possibly assume Mill may need to retreat for cover. In the short time the rappers have been at odds with one another Drake has already dropped not one, but two well received tracks to Meek's one.

Right about now The Dreams Worth More than Money rapper may be feeling the pangs of regret after passing up on the opportunity to premiere "Wanna Know" on Monday night via Flex's show as it gave Drake an opening to launch an even more methodical attack with "Back to Back".

The title and cover art depicting Joe Carter winning the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays beating out the Philadelphia Phillies should have been a telltale indication that this was going to be an uphill battle for Mill.

Although Mill put up a valiant effort in the fight, the consensus suggests that Mill may need to go back to the drawing board, or concede all the way together. Shrugs. You can't win them all.

See 20 funniest memes and reactions to mill "Wanna Know" diss:

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