June 19, 2018 / 6:44 AM

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Bob Dylan to Receive Sleep Number Bed After Successful Clickhole Campaign



Bob Dylan has given us a lot over the years from great music to snarky press interviews, but when have we ever given back? On Aug. 3, the popular satire website Clickhole launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a new Sleep Number adjustable bed for the legendary artist. Apparently Clickhole feels Dylan could use a better nights sleep.

The campaign set a goal of $1,360, which was exceeded by a couple hundred dollars to come to $1,555 in 14 days by 156 backers. The extra funds went to a specialized Bob Dylan duvet. Dylan loves duvets.

Over the weekend, the bed officially shipped with a personalized remote that read "Hi Bob" and should arrive at his Columbia Records office in New York on Tuesday (Aug. 18).

Backers of the campaign can expect some pretty sweet prizes as well. If you donated $40 Clickhole will send you a drawing of what Bob Dylan might look like in the bed. At $100 Clickhole will personally call you and softly whisper the entirety of Bob Dylan's discography, presumably as you drift to sleep knowing you've contributed to the good night sleep of a legendary song writer. At $500 you'd get ownership of the Twitter handle @BobDylan4990 and $1,000 would have allowed you to name the bed.

Now we just need the pictures of Dylan deep in slumber snuggled up in the sheets and we can mark another check in the win category for the Internet. You can even use his latest release of Frank Sinatra covers, Shadows In The Night, as a way to lull yourself to sleep.

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