May 23, 2019 / 4:12 PM

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Eminem New Album 2013: Slim Shady Rare 'Soul Intent' Freestyle Rap 'Biterphobia' Goes Viral as Release Date RUMORS Stir Twitter Buzz [VIDEO, 1995 DEMO]



Absolutely NO new music from Eminem's highly-anticipated 2013 album has yet to leak online... but a rare (and extremely raw) Slim Shady freestyle rap from 1995 recently went viral on the web. The demo track entitled "Biterphobia" was released by the 1990s rap group Soul Intent (Shady, a prominent member of the band, was simply known as "M&M" at the time). One year after the group's release of their the third self-titled EP, Eminem went on to pursue a solo career and released his debut solo album "Infinite" in 1996.

Details surrounding Shady's new album still remain scarce... although Twitter fans are anxious for an official release date announcement:

@GamingNerd1996: "Eminem hurry up with the new album. Same thing goes for you Dr Dre!"

@ValentinaGalla_: "Waiting for Eminem's new album *_*."

@Eminemoholic: "#WhatIWant a confirmed release date for Eminem's new album! #TEAMSHADY."

In the meantime, fans can enjoy this rare treat. "Soul Intent" was released only on cassette tape on February 25, 1995 via Mashin' Duck Records - the EP was not made available commercially. How old school! Check out Em's scratchy "boom bat" beat sound on this raw track, "Biterphobia" -

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