ASAP ROCKY appeared on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 to speak about his work, drug use, and share new material, according to XXL. The rapper made an interesting and ambitious musical choice, deciding to cover the 1967 classic "Liar Liar" by The Castaways.


His 2015 effort, At.Long.Last.A$APlargely eschewed his southern hip-hop influences for a more classic rock, British vibe. This is not surprising, considering the album was recorded in London. The influence of Great Britain was so strong that Rocky's lead single featured vocals from iconic English singer Rod Stewart. As Hip Hop DX reports, the two even facetiously claimed they were making a mixtape entitled Born To Be Pretty.

Rocky's version of the song features the famed rapper/producer/fashion star singing softly and lowly over the original version, marking a new and decidedly different direction for an artist who often strays away from organs, rock drums, guitars, and the like. 

Rocky told Annie Mac, "I want to do the unthinkable." When asked what excites him most, Rocky replied, "Normality. I think people try to stray away from it, like, once you get in a position of power or celeb, or fame-- people kind of like, try to pretend normal things don't exist, or, the norm becomes the un-norm. Because I'm in a position where it's normality. It's like rare. Everything's extraordinary."

He went on, "I feel naturally I don't feel comfortable doing what everyone else is doing...Everyone does it, it's not just rappers...versatility is beautiful. I'm tired of hearing the same old stuff over and over on the radio. Sometimes you want something different. I want people to know that there are alternatives to just making the same kind of music as everyone else." 

Regarding his lifestyle, ASAP said, "That's my life. The unfortunate part is too much of that. But..'P,' money, weed is love sex dreams. It's the same thing, it's just presented different... It's the same high, it's just stronger... I'm 27 now, and--women, fashion, certain drugs... is what I'm into right now."