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Ellen Says 'Hello' to Adele & Shares 'Hotline Bling' With Drake in Hilarious Video [WATCH]



The Ellen Show with host Ellen DeGeneres knows how to keep the audience and fans entertained. This week DeGeneres revealed how influential she was in the making of Adele's latest single "Hello" and how she and Drake are close personal friends sharing "Hotline Bling," in a hilarious video clip.

ET reported that DeGeneres decided to spoof two major hit singles during her Thursday Oct. 29 episode. The talk show host stated how many people don't know that she and Adele are good friends and that the inspiration behind her latest single, "Hello," actually came from a past conversation had between the two.

In the video clip, DeGeneres is seen enjoying a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips when the phone rings, with Adele's name displayed as the caller. The conversation begins with Adele singing "hello" and DeGeneres attempting to respond to what she refers to as a slowly talking Adele, who she can barely hear over the sound of the piano playing.

"It might be easier to hear you if you stop playing that piano," she added during the phone conversation. "...Seriously speed it up, I'm kind of in a hurry."

At one point during the conversation, DeGeneres receives another call from Drake, which she answers only to have Drake state, "you used to call me on my cell phone," (lyrics from his latest hit single "Hotling Bling.") Degeneres responds with, "Oh Drake hi, I have been so busy I've been meaning to call."

DeGeneres wrapped up her conversation with both Adele and Drake, only to receive another call from Lionel Richie. Of course, the conversation with Richie began with a line from his single, "Hello."

During a Dujour Magazine celebration of Richie's Home Collection, he reportedly opened up about the comparisons between his single and Adele's. According to ET, the singer stated "I was so amazed, everyone said, 'Lionel, Adele is doing your song 'Hello,'' and I said, 'No she's not,' and all of a sudden I heard 'Hello,'" he explained.

From the comparisons came this meme posted to Richie's Instagram account.

 HELLO @adele is it me you're looking for... #hello

A photo posted by lionelrichie (@lionelrichie) on Oct 24, 2015 at 8:53am PDT

And this mashup video

 #hello @adele A video posted by lionelrichie (@lionelrichie) on Oct 24, 2015 at 4:37pm PDT

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