June 24, 2018 / 8:52 AM

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Rick Ross Explains What it Would Take for Him to Make Up with 50 Cent



It's hard to keep up with 50 Cent's feuds these days. It seems the rapper/businessman simply can't help but to antagonize and ridicule those he takes issue with. Whether it is his recent run-in with Vivica A. Fox, or his comments about Meek Mill, 50 Cent's name seems to be inexorably connected to verbal altercations lately. 50's most high profile beef at the moment is probably with rapper and former correctional officer Rick Ross. The beef hit its peak when Ross's child's mother sued 50 for leaking a sex tape of the two on YouTube in 2009. Recently, the two have traded jabs over Instagram, with 50 insulting Ross's credibility. In a new interview with Larry Wilmore, Rick Ross details how exactly he and 50 Cent would go about reconciling.

On The Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore posed an interesting hypothetical to Ross. He asked that, if Ross were given the chance to end racism, but had to end his beef with 50 Cent as well, would he do it?

Wilmore explained, "You have to like hang out at the pool together. You gotta go eat together, take ski trips together. I don't care, whatever. You guys are pals. Do you do it?"

After some contemplation, Ross answered that he would, in fact, end racism, and effectively squash his beef with the Queens-born rapper. He said, "I'ma stop racism," which was received well by the crowd. He continued, "I mean, if I gotta take him to Wing Stop to have some lemon pepper wings, that's what I'm gonna do."

However, 50 may not prove to be so amenable. When asked about their recent Instagram battle, 50 told Tim Westwood, "It's desperation at the point that you hear from [Ross] at this point. Because if you're looking for someone, it ain't that hard to find me. I'm around, and I'm not used to having an altercation with law enforcement. I'm just not used to saying that I'm gonna do something to a correctional officer, to a police officer or anyone who has been under oath that's gonna say with no problem, everything that you've said and everything that's happened immediately after."

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