It's no secret that when Nicki Minaj feels threatened or disrespected, she doesn't take it sitting down. When American Music Awards host Jennifer Lopez danced her way through a medley of the year's most popular songs including "Anaconda," the rapper was caught giving what seemed to be side eye to J.Lo, which was captured in a meme that since went viral. Now, Minaj has personally responded to those claims.

After displaying defensive behavior at the MTV VMA's this year, the rapper took shots at Miley Cyrus during her acceptance speech and fans thought Minaj was ready to strike once more this weekend at the American Music Awards. During the Sunday night event, the Pinkprint rapper walked away from the AMAs with two awards for Favorite Rap Artist and Favorite Rap album, along with a fan crafted meme, notes Entertainment Weekly.

The photo captured Minaj's less than thrilled facial expression which was passed around the Internet and joked about, claiming that she was giving the American Idol judge the side eye as she was shaking it to "Anaconda." Minaj took to twitter to defend herself and explain what the face was all about.

"I'm looking at my own face on the screen when I'm looking to the right," she tweeted. "I turn bak to look @ her," Minaj tweet Monday afternoon.

Adding to her history of feuding, The "Superbass" rapper found herself in the midst of a Twitter war just ahead of the MTV VMA's where she an host Miley Cyrus exchanged words on live TV. After finding out she wasn't nominated for video of the year, Minaj took to social media to say that a sure way to get a nomination was to put women with "slim bodies" in music videos. Taylor Swift, who received a nomination and later won for "Bad Blood," took offense to the statement and tweeted back at her. The two later settled their differences on the matter and put the misunderstanding behind them.