Selena Gomez is getting super sexy in her upcoming music video for her new Revival single "Hands to Myself." On Monday (Dec. 7), the 23-year-old pop star posted a saucy teaser on her Twitter, featuring some skimpy lingerie and some looming legal troubles.

The video ties in as a commercial for the Beats Pill speaker, and it heavily features the product as it plays "Hands to Myself."

Gomez can be seen wandering around a luxurious mansion in the 30-second preview, wearing nothing but a pair of black high-waisted panties, a black bra and (sometimes) a little white dress shirt. Gomez careens around her pricey pad, trying on some of her man's clothes and smiling to herself... but while she appears to be living the high life, something is not as it seems. Police come to the door and Gomez tries to pack up and flee (with her Beats Pill, of course) before the cops knock down her door.

"Hands to Myself" is the third single from Gomez's new album Revival, which was released in October. This new track follows the release and promotion of "Good for You" and "Same Old Love." Of course, this video is not the first time Gomez has showed off some skin while promoting Revival. Her video for "Good for You" featured a steamy shower scene and a wet white T-shirt.

There is no official date yet when the full "Hands to Myself" video will debut.

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