June 25, 2018 / 10:12 AM

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Ja Rule Talks White Rap Fans, N Word & Justin Bieber in New 'Vlad TV' Interview [WATCH]



Ja Rule might not be as prominent in the rap game as he once was, but he still has some strong opinions on the hip-hop industry. Amongst these is the use of the N word by white rap and hip-hop fans, which has been hotly debated for many years with no one on either side of the debate willing to change their positions for or against the use of the word. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Ja Rule talks about this issue and even brings pop crooner Justin Bieber into the mix.

"I'm at a concert the other day," Ja Rule said to Vlad TV. "Nothing but white kids at the concert. Metro Boomin is deejaying and sh*t, right? What does he throw on? 'All day, n***a'... and he's fading the n***a, part. And all those white kids are singing the n***a word like a mothaf***a. You know what I'm saying? I'm up in the balcony dying laughing because I'm like 'Yo, what do you expect them to do?'"

Ja Rule further said, "What do you think they're gonna do? To them it's a song. They just singing a song, having fun. So, now what do you do? Not play that song when you have a white audience and you deejaying? I don't know - I really don't know how to combat this."

Later on in the interview, Ja Rule used Justin Bieber as an example of a white hip-hop fan using the N Word. He referenced the song "One Less Lonely Girl," where Bieber inserted the N Word and claims that he'd give him a pass. Ja Rule described how Bieber was just a kid, didn't know the history of the word, and probably just didn't know any better in general. He also expressed how it's hard to know who should be able to say the N Word and who shouldn't, since it has a totally different meaning now than it did in the beginning.

While his career has been in a lull for years, Ja Rule did recently release "Wake Up" and enjoyed some renewed exposure due to the ongoing beef between Drake and Meek Mill. The feud between Drake and Meek Mill has additionally drawn comparisons between the one that Ja Rule and 50 Cent engaged in circa 2000. "Wake Up" is his first release since 2012.

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