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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: MariahLynn & Cisco Hookup, Rich Dollaz Daughter Drama



Who doesn't love a little debauchery after the holiday season? On Monday (Jan. 4) Love & Hip Hop: New York returned with more petty arguments, surprising hookups, public displays of affection, and drama in the studio. On this week's season six, episode four recap, MariahLynn finds herself in a love triangle with Cisco and a BBOD member, while Rich Dollaz's time with his daughter is cut abruptly short. To get a full dose of the ratchetness that took place during LHHNY's most recent episode, "The Bald and the Beautiful," continue reading below.

Episode three cut off in the middle of a brutal fight between DJ Self's main chick Yorma and his side chick Cardi B. They were attending MariahLynn's birthday party when the two women crossed paths. Once they realized the games Self was playing, things got ugly real fast. Self tried his best to break up the fight, but punches continued to get thrown and hair continued to get pulled. Security is then seen pulling the women a part and escorting them out of the building. Eager to break away from the security guards to throw one last punch, footage is shown of Yorma taking off her shoes trying to escape their hold on her, while Cardi B kicked out the window of the truck she was sent to.

Self tried to console Yorma, by apologizing and hugging her, but at that point Yorma wanted nothing to do with him. She explained how hurt she was that he'd been keeping such a big secret from her. Despite his pleas, Yorma walked out on him, unsure how to move forward with their relationship.

Back to the world of BBOD, Sexxy Lexxy convinced Rah Ali to continue working on their single release party, without consulting on the matter with Miss Moe Money first. Lexxy and Moe meet up for lunch to catch up on different aspects of their lives. Moe is all smiles, revealing she's been dating a producer that promised to work with them on a track. Lexxy tells Moe about Rah handling their release party and she takes the news surprisingly well.

Daddy daycare is still in effect for Rich as his daughter Ashley spends the summer with him in New York. Ashley reveals she got her bellybutton pierced without anyone's permission and voiced her opinion about being of age to make her own decisions. Rich tells Ashley that her mother, Miracle K, has been hounding him about acting more like a friend than her father. Rich is worried about Miracle K finding out about Ashley's new piercing and making a good impression on his daughter.

Cardi B is still livid about the incident that went down with Yorma and Self, so she decides to meet up with MariahLynn to vent. Cardi B admits she doesn't mind if Self is sleeping with other women (let's not forget Cardi B has a boyfriend in jail), her main problem is his lack of honesty. MariahLynn advises Cardi B to rectify the situation with Self in order to continue their business relationship and boost her career moves. Cardi B agrees with her, but quickly changes the subject to MariahLynn's "business and pleasure" relationship with Rich. MariahLynn explains she still has feelings for Rich, but isn't sure hooking up with him again would really help her career.

So the mystery man Moe was gushing about earlier in the episode turns out to be none other than Cisco. The two meet for dinner and Moe breaks down all the drama that's been happening with Rah. She invites him to BBOD's single release party, as a chance for him to see her perform and to meet her family. Cisco agrees to go, but is hesitant about meeting her family, because he didn't think things were that serious in their relationship yet.

Miracle K returns to New York with intentions of taking Ashley back home. After finding out through social media that Ashley got her belly pierced, Miracle K believes her daughter has become out of control since living with her father. Rich is blindsided by news of his daughter leaving so soon. Miracle and Rich argue over their different methods of parenting. Miracle ultimately followed through with her decision and took Ashley back with her to Memphis, leaving Rich very angry.

Cisco takes on a new artist and guess who it is? MariahLynn. MariahLynn talks to Cisco about the personal struggles she's overcome and how she wants to translate her story into music. After exchanging life stories, the two bond fast. Talks of making a record together begin to swirl, while conversations about spending time together outside of the studio also become a topic of discussion.

In an attempt to smooth matters over with Cardi B, Self holds a meeting with her in the studio. Cardi B explains how disrespected she felt, Self apologizes, but Cardi B doesn't accept it. Cards B also delivers her infamous line: "if a girl has beef with me, she gon' have beef with me...foreva!" She decides to set some ground rules for him to follow, which include him not bringing any girls to their hosting events and no more sex. The estranged lovers decide to keep their relationship strictly platonic.

Cisco couldn't get his mind off MariahLynn since they last met, so he invited her over for a candlelight dinner at his apartment. Over dinner, she reveals her history with Rich. For those who don't know why this information is relevant, Rich and Cisco are currently at odds due to Rich's messy ways. Rich hooked up with a girl from Cisco's past, knowing their were still lingering feelings between them. Despite MariahLynn's shocking revelation, the night ended with a tongue-filled kiss between them.

Self holds an open discussion on his radio show about winning your girlfriend back after doing her dirty. Self announces live on the air that Yorma is his girlfriend and refers to Cardi B as a woman he saw no future with. After the show, Yorma pulls up outside of the radio station to meet him. Yorma is amazed by his public display of affection, but wants to see more action from him. She decides to stay in the relationship and work things out with Self.

BBOD's single release party has finally arrived and the event is packed. Although Rah chose to finish putting the party together, she reveals she has no plans on working with the group in the future. Self invites MariahLynn to the party in order to expose her to a few people in the music industry. BBOD hit the center stage to perform their song "T.H.O.T" in front of their guests, as Cisco is walking in. After the performance, Cisco meets Lexxy for the first time. He didn't make a good first impression on her though, due to his tardiness.

While Cisco and Moe venture off to have a more private conversation, MariahLynn interrupts by walking over and introducing herself. MariahLynn tells Moe she's been working with Cisco or as she likes to call it, "macking." Both MariahLynn and Moe were surprised to find out about the other's involvement with Cisco. MariahLynn admits Cisco didn't tell her he was dating anyone and that's when Moe gets heated. Moe is ready to walk away from the situation. Cisco pulls her to the side to explain his side of the story, but at that point Moe is ready for security to escort them out of her event.

When MariahLynn hears Moe say she's kicking her out, MariahLynn shuts the idea down. Moe slaps the drink out of MariahLynn's hand, causing security to rush over and intervene. The two engage in a yelling match as security holds them back. Rah sees Moe involved in another public confrontation, which only reassures her that she made the right idea to part ways with BBOD.

So far each episode has concluded in the middle of a fiery altercation. Previews for the next episode include MariahLynn wanting to get more serious with Cisco, Cardi B and Bianca Bonnie attending etiquette class, Amina Buddafly revealing the status of her pregnancy, Lexxy's relationship with a NJ rapper, and a possible split between BBOD.

Love & Hip Hop: New York airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Tune in next week for another recap of the drama.

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